Rhodes Attractions

Rhodes Medieval city is an UNESCO World Heritage site and the largest and best-preserved fortified city in Europe. High walls, deep moats, narrow cobbled streets that lead the way to the medieval town of the Knights provide an imposing spectacle.

Byzantine churches, Gothic style Palace, Inns Hospitals, and Mosques coexist amid the most traditional Greek setting touched little by modern and hectic pace of life. One of the most impressive buildings within the Walls is the “Grand Masters’ Palace”. It was restored during the Italian occupation of the island, today housing a superb collection of original mosaics from Kos Island dating from the Hellenistic to early Byzantine period.

is the modern part of Rhodes located in the heart of the city where the famous Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, once stood. Although the statue no longer exists, visitors can still see the two deer statues named “Eleffos” and “Elafina” that once marked the entrance to the harbor and served as the “stands” for Colossus’ feet.

The ancient Acropolis of Rhodes dating from the 5th century BC is situated high on the summit of “Monte Smith” Hill, where remnants of the Temple of “Apollo” and the restored edifices of the Ancient Stadium and Odeon dominate the view of the modern city of Rhodes. This archaeological site is one of the finest specimens of the Hellenic style of architecture.
Another popular site in Rhodes is Philerimos, the Acropolis of the ancient city of Ialyssos. A monastery dedicated to Virgin Mary is found at the top, with a famous icon that tradition says was painted by St. Luke himself.

The monastery features beautiful frescoes, a small museum, and a bell tower that visitors can climb for an even better view of the surrounding area. On the opposite side of the archeological area is a path lined with cypress trees. The “Stations of the Cross” are found on one side leading to “Golgotha” and a monumental cross. The view from the top of the cross is spectacular.

The Valley of the Butterflies is situated in a thickly wooded area with a stream running down the side of a mountain forming small waterfalls and pools. Every year from June to September, thousands of butterflies gather there to mate. The valley offers them ideal conditions (coolness and moisture) for mating. Once they mate, the females fly to other parts of the island where they lay their eggs and start their cycle of life once again. Steps, wooden bridges and paths take one to different parts of the valley.

is the most beautiful village on the island. The village has been declared a monument for preservation and so it has been able to retain most of its traditional color and charm.
One of the most prominent features of Lindos village is its unique architecture. The houses and buildings are made of stone and the yards are often beautifully paved with pebble mosaic and surrounded by flowering bougainvillea, geraniums, basil in huge amphoras! The narrow streets and alleys are also lined with colorful flowers and plants, adding to the village’s charm.

Above the white homes of Lindos and the blue of the Aegean Sea rises the Acropolis, sacred to the goddess Athena Lyndia and a mighty fortress. The ancient sanctuary is built in levels leading upwards. At the highest of points is the Temple of Athena Lyndia (4th Cent. BC). Within the acropolis are also the remains of a Byzantine Church and the fortification of the Knights of St. John. From the top you may look down on St. Paul’s Bay, where it is said that Apostle Paul first set foot on the island in the year 52 AD.

is a small and charming island located in the Dodecanese archipelago of Greece, easily accessible from Rhodes for a day or half-day trip. One of the island’s main attractions is its picturesque harbor, which is surrounded by colorful neoclassical houses and fishing boats. The harbor area is the perfect place to enjoy a meal at one of the many tavernas, take a stroll along the promenade, or simply relax and enjoy the view.
Beyond the harbor, Symi boasts stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters that can be reached by boat. Some are only accessible on foot, making them ideal for those who enjoy a bit of adventure.