Sponsored Sessions

Thursday, May 9, 2024
Banquet Hall (Level -2)
Sponsored Symposium 1

Demystifying cardiopulmonary risk in COPD: from science to patients to practice

Chair: Hanna Sandelowsky (Sweden)

John Hurst (UK): The science: Cardiopulmonary risk in COPD

Ann Hutchinson (UK): The patients: COPD perceptions and perspectives

John Hurst (UK) & Peter Lin (Canada): The practice: Patient pathway optimisation
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Friday May 10, 2024
Banquet Hall (Level -2)
Sponsored Symposium 2

Asthma Right Care
You be the judge: how to best frame messages for policymakers

Alan Kaplan (Canada): Introduction

Katarina Stavric (North Macedonia)
Rui Costa (Portugal)
Mina Gaga (Greece)
Luis Lourenço (Portugal)
Cláudia Vicente (Portugal)
Mar Martinez (Spain)
Alan Kaplan (Canada)
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Friday May 10, 2024
Banquet Hall (Level -2)
Sponsored Symposium 3

Understanding the Severe Impact of RSV on Older Adults: Perspectives on Disease Impact, Management, and Prevention

Chair: George Kassianos

George Kassianos
(Greece): Welcome and Introduction

David Price
(Singapore): RSV Challenges in Older Adults and High-Risk Patients

Konstantinos Kostikas
(Greece): RSV Prevention Era: Adult Immunization and the RSVPreF3 OA Vaccine

Q&A and closing
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Friday May 10, 2024
MC3 Hall (Level -1)
Device Workshop 1

An opportunity to learn about and have hands on demonstrations of respiratory health diagnostic tools.
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Friday May 10, 2024
MC3 Hall (Level -1)
Device Workshop 2

Digilung: global mission to digitalize COPD care.
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