Poster Sessions

Thursday, May 9, 2024

N. Skalkotas Foyer

Poster Session 1:
Breathlessness and Methods

Chairs: Rachel Jordan (UK), Hilarry Pinnock (UK)

PP1.1 Sarah Ben Hamida (Tunisia): Methodology to evaluate the impact of a community Pharmacy-based Educational Program to Limit SABA Overuse

PP1.2 Matteo Mannucci (Spain): Implementing a Palliative Care Protocol in a Pulmonary Fibrosis Unit

PP1.3 Yoran H. Gerritsma (The Netherlands): Improving the diagnosis of breathlessness: Results from the co-design pilot Breathlessness diagnostics in a Box (BiaB)

PP1.4 Lucas Cristea (Sweden): Which breathlessness dimensions associate most strongly with fatigue? - The population-based VASCOL study of elderly men

PP1.5 Gillian Doe (UK): Identifying the main long-term conditions contributing to the burden of chronic breathlessness: A scoping review

Poster Session 2:
Prevalence and Burden of Disease

Chairs: Bruce James Kirenga (Uganda), Antonius Schneider (Germany)

PP2.1 Rasi Mizori (UK): How do IL-6 levels correlate with disease severity in COVID-19 patients? A Retrospective Cohort Study

PP2.2 Saeed Saima (Pakistan): Age, Gender, and Occupational Patterns in the Burden of Obstructive Lung Diseases: An Epidemiological Perspective

PP2.3 Eleni Sgourali (Greece): Epidemiological data of the in-home Covid-19 vaccination program for vulnerable populations by a Primary Health Care Center in Athens

PP2.4 Panagiotis Voulgaris (Greece): Cross sectional study of the community Self-Reported Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome and levels of awareness in Attica, Greece

PP2.5 Jaime Correia de Sousa (Portugal):Prevalence of Asthma According to Disease Severity in Portugal: Preliminary Findings from the EPI-ASTHMA Study

PP2.6 Hani Salim (Malaysia): Revitalising Asthma Care and Treatment (ReACT):  A School-Based Asthma Training Programme

Friday, May 10, 2024

N. Skalkotas Foyer

Poster Session 3:
Diagnosis and Adherence

 Chairs: Job Van Boven (The Netherlands), Rachel Jordan (UK)

PP3.1 María Iglesias Alonso (Spain): Clinical importance of the positivity criterion used in the bronchodilation test in spirometry

PP3.2 Patricia Mejías Montesdeoca (Spain): Early detection programme for lung cancer in La Rioja. The first 9 months

PP3.3 Lucia Alejandra Manning (Spain): Do we search for bronchiectasis and their aetiology in primary care?

PP3.4 Antonios Christodoulakis (Greece): The journey of lung cancer patients from symptoms to diagnosis in Greece: A mixed methods approach

PP3.5 Sergio Daniel Zunino (Argentina): Training and Evaluation of Asthma Indicators in Primary Health Care in Tucumán

Poster Session 4:
COPD Comorbidity, diagnosis and treatment

Chairs: Sundeep Salvi (India), Stephen Holmes (UK)

PP4.1 Jaime Gonzalvez Rey (Spain): COPD Correct Diagnosis and Treatment

PP4.2 Yael Gillerman (Israel): Promoting COPD diagnosis and treatment, using portable spirometry, in the homeless population

PP4.3 Claire Young (UK): Incidence of heart failure, atrial fibrillation and ischaemic heart disease in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease registered with a general practice within the Mid-Ulster Federation area

PP4.4 Åsa Athlin (Sweden): Comorbid asthma and associations with patient-related outcomes in COPD

PP4.6 Antonia Aravantinou Karlatou (Greece): Patients with COPD: Assessment of mental and social support status and the impact of psychosocial interventions

Poster Session 5:
Skills and solutions

 Chairs: Hanna Sandelowsky (Sweden), Nicola Roberts (UK)

PP5.1 Nonpavit Chotchai (Thailand):Thai family medicine physicians and general practitioners' confidence in care of chronic respiratory diseases

PP5.2 Katerina Boulougari (Greece): Improving the emotional intelligence and resilience of General Practitioners through an online experiential training intervention οn lifestyle change counseling skills in Chronic Respiratory Diseases: Α mixed methods study

PP5.3 Saeed Saima (Pakistan): Managing the Impact of Chronic Respiratory Diseases (CRDs) through Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PuRe) in Pakistan: A Path to Better Respiratory Health

PP5.4 Samin Huq (Bangladesh): Upskilling Primary Healthcare Workers for Lung Function Assessment: Lessons from Chronic Respiratory Burden Estimation in a Rural Community of Bangladesh

PP5.5 Hilary Pinnock (UK): Developing a practical framework for facilitation to implement supported self-management of asthma in primary care; An exemplar from the IMP2ART Trial

PP5.6 Nicola Roberts (United Kingdom): Are nurses proactive about minimising their exposure to second hand tobacco smoke (SHS) when visiting respiratory patients at home?

Poster Session 6:
Approaches in Singapore

 Chairs: Björn Ställberg (Sweden), Hilary Pinnock (UK)

PP6.1 Ngiap Chuan Tan (Singapore): Healthcare expenditure in patients with Asthma using Inhaled Corticosteroids Patients in Primary Care Community

PP6.2 Mabel Qi He Leow (Singapore): Effectiveness of inhaled corticosteroid for adults with chronic asthma

PP6.3 Lifeng Zheng (Singapore): Outcomes of combined fluticasone-propionate/salmeterol and budesonide/formoterol on adults with chronic asthma in a Singapore primary care setting – A retrospective study

PP6.4 Ngiap Chuan Tan (Singapore): Healthcare Expenditure in patients with Asthma using Combination Inhalers in a Primary Care Community

PP6.5 Aminath Shiwaza Moosa (Singapore): Health-hackathon to ideate innovative solutions for patients with asthma

PP6.6 Mabel Qi He Leow (Singapore): Mentorship in Health-hackathon to ideate innovative solutions for patients in healthcare – How should we provide mentorship?

PP6.7 Ngiap Chuan Tan (Singapore): Leveraging on innovation workshop and hackathon to co-create solutions with patients to optimize their asthma care

PP6.8 Hani Salim (Malaysia): Stakeholder engagement using Photovoice in innovation: A case study on patients with asthma to identify challenges and enablers of Asthma Care

Poster Session 7:

 Chairs: Miguel Roman Rodriguez (Spain)

PP7.1  Juliana Francechini Pereira (Brazil): Asthma Right Care movement: Initiatives to improve Asthma Care In Brazil

PP7.2 Alberto Montes (Spain): What information is helpful to develop a proper tailored asthma self-management action plan?

PP7.3 Alan Kaplan (Canada): Semaglutide, a treatment for Asthma?

PP7.4 Izolde Bouloukaki (Greece): Assessment of symptom control and associated factors in patients with asthma and comorbid Allergic Rhinitis in rural and urban areas, in Crete, Greece

Poster Session 8:
Prevention and prevalence

Chairs: Amanda Farley (UK), Ee Ming Khoo (Malaysia)

PP8.1 Dasha Shamarina (Belgium): Prevalence and characterisation of cough-related urinary incontinence in a refractory chronic cough population enrolled in a Phase 2b trial of the P2X3 antagonist, camlipixant

PP8.2 Charlotte Hoffman (The Netherlands): A situational analysis as groundwork for the FRESHAIR4Life study: Targeting tobacco use and air pollution for the prevention of non-communicable diseases in adolescents worldwide

PP8.3 Catalina Panaitescu (Romania): Evaluation of a school based intervention program for preventing smoking among students of a high-school from Bucharest, Romania

PP8.4 Lars Dijk (The Netherlands): Prevalence of treatable traits in patients with obstructive lung disease in Dutch primary care

PP8.5 Johannes Saers (Sweden): Associations between respiratory health and reported traffic and occupational related exposure

PP8.6 Purva Abhyankar (UK): A systematic approach to selecting and adapting evidence-based air quality interventions in five diverse settings (FRESHAIR4Life)

PP8.7 Saeed Saima (Pakistan):Strengthening prevention and management delivery services for chronic respiratory diseases in primary care

Saturday, May 11, 2024

N. Skalkotas Foyer

Poster Session 9:
Other respiratory conditions and environment

 Chairs: Alan Kaplan (Canada), Izolde Bouloukaki (Greece)

PP9.1 Azat Bolotbek Uulu (Switzerland): Exploring the association between chronic cough and obstructive sleep apnoea in the Kyrgyz Republic

PP9.2 Valentina Nejasmic (North Macedonia): Exploring Atopy and Bronchiolitis as Predictor Indicators for Childhood Asthma-Oral

PP9.3 Tiago Maricoto (Portugal): Relationship between flame retardants and respiratory health – A Systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies

PP9.4 John P. Bell (UK): An assessment of Pressurized Metered-Dose Inhaler use in countries in Europe and the rest of the world

PP9.5 Maria Dolores Martinez Pitarch (Spain):Campaign to reduce the environmental impact of inhalers

PP9.7 Damalie Nalwanga (Uganda): "A child with severe pneumonia cannot feed, causing malnutrition": Health workers' and caregivers' perceptions about nutrition among children with pneumonia in Uganda

Poster Session 10:
Care and rehabilitation

Chairs: Ioannis Vogiatzis (Greece), Habib Ghedira (Tunisia)

PP10.1 Žan Trontelj,(Slovenia): Variability of asthma care in primary health care in countries of former Yugoslavia

PP10.2 Katerina Boulougari (Greece): Effective practices in CME for educating busy primary care practitioners in lifestyle change counseling in Chronic Respiratory Diseases

PP10.3 Liliana Silva (Portugal): The REHAB2LIFE study, effectiveness of a maintenance pulmonary rehabilitation programme: Preliminary results

PP10.4 Nicola Roberts (United Kingdom): Does health literacy in respiratory patients impact on their rating of important topics for education in pulmonary rehabilitation?

PP10.5 Hani Salim (Malaysia): Exploring exercise experiences in people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): A photo-elicitation study

PP10.6 Zihan Pan (China): Exploring stakeholders' attitudes and perspectives on COPD screening in China - A qualitative study