YSTC Programme

Preliminary Programme
Young Seismologist Training Course (YSTC)
September 16th - 20th, 2024
Corfu, Greece

Earthquake-related data, analysis, and publicly accessible codes and tools

 Day 1  | Monday, September 16th

Short presentation of ESC & Introduction of participants
Olga Ktenidou (ESC)

Lectures & Hands-on:
  • HUSN, networks and seismic data overview for Greece, EIDA; Hands-on session on retrieving data with obspy
  • Hands-on session: Conventional seismic sensors, components, and low-cost alternatives
  • Accessing data through EPOS
Lecturers: Christos Evangelidis (EIDA), Markos Avlonitis (IONIAN UNI / HOST), Jan Michalek (EPOS)

 Day 2  | Tuesday, September 17th

Lectures & Hands-on:
  • Theory on waves, faults, location, seismicity rates. Hands-on session of Seisgram2k (seismic location/M estimation) and G-R for the estimation of Mc, b value
  • Strong motion data and processing, concept of amplification; Hands-on session using seismosignal and ORFEUS-ESM online tools
  • Theory on noise data and site characterisation; Hands-on session on noise processing with Geopsy
Lecturers: George Kaviris (NKUA), Angelos Zymvragakis (NKUA), Olga Ktenidou (NOA), Costas Papazachos (AUTH)

 Day 3  | Wednesday, September 18th

  • GPS and INSAR data in seismology
  • Tidal gauge data and tsunami modelling
Lecturers: Panagiotis Elias (NOA), Vasilis Sakkas (NKUA), Nikos Kalligeris (HL-NTWC)

 Day 4  | Thursday, September 19th

Lectures & Hands-on:
  • Theory on shear-wave splitting and seismic anisotropy; hands-on session with Pytheas
  • Theory on back-projection: Hands-on session with py-ssa: Source-scanning algorithm
Lecturers: Ioannis Spingos (NKUA), George Kaviris (NKUA), Ioannis Fountoulakis (NOA-UPATRAS)

 Day 5  | Friday, September 20th

Hands-on Session:
  • Moment tensors; Hands-on session with ISOLA
Lecturers: Efthimios Sokos (UPATRAS-CUNI), Jiri Zahradnik (UPATRAS-CUNI)