Gergely Zoltan, MD

I’ve been practicing medicine for 12 years now. I’ve always worked in a hospital setting. In the beginning of my career as an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon trainee, later looking for a more holistic approach I changed my specialization to anaesthesia and intensive care in which I work as a consultant now.
As an anaesthetist I meet lots of patients with various medical histories waiting for a vast range of surgeries and it is my responsibility to assess their chronic diseases and whether they are fit for surgery or not. During the last few years it struck me how much medications people take these days and how often we as doctors try to treat patients with drugs and operations for chronic conditions that may have other treatment possibilities as well.
Still trying the satisfy my need for a holistic approach to patient care I came across lifestyle medicine, a field that I’d like to explore in more depth and integrate into my practice as a physician.


Lifestyle habits of anesthetists and intensive care doctors: do physicians lead a healthy lifestyle? 

Gergely Zoltan, MD, Consultant Anesthesiology, and Intensive Care (Hungary)

Trained doctors supposedly know ’everything’, but certainly a lot about health and diseases. But do they incorporate their knowledge into their own lives? A comparison of Irish and Hungarian physicians’ lifestyle habits regarding physical activity, substance use, sleeping hygiene and stress management.