Workshop 7

Integrating Lifestyle Medicine into university curricula and organizational policies:  lessons learnt from a decade of experience

Hosted by: Dr. Lilach Malatskey and Dr. Jumanah Essa-Hadad; Bar Ilan University Faculty of Medicine, Safed, Israel 


Background: Since its inception, the Bar Ilan Faculty of Medicine has recognized the importance of lifestyle medicine as an integral and integrated part of the curriculum. Over the past decade, we have been working to training our future doctors to develop LM competence and creating a supportive environment that promotes health and well-being of our students.   As part of this aim, we have successfully developed a 58 hour spiral lifestyle medicine curriculum integrated into three preclinical and one brief clinical course, which has successfully increased lifestyle medicine knowledge, impacting students’ attitudes and confidence towards LM counselling.  In addition, we have expanded education to graduate students through a practical hands on course and an online course. 

Objectives: In this workshop, we will share our experience and lessons learnt over the past decade in developing and implementing lifestyle medicine education in the university setting.  We will give practical tools, knowledge, and skills that participants can adapt to map and develop their own universities/programs.

Target group:  Educators, University and Medical school administration, faculty, students, researchers, leadership, and management.
Didactic Method:  The workshop involves a mix of short lectures, small group work, discussion, and personal practical exercises
Estimated number of participants:  up to 25