Workshop 1

Culinary Medicine: Reset your energy

Hosted by: Prof. Jelena Helene Cvejic (Serbia)


This workshop will provide participants with information on how to easily create and prepare foods for fatigue-alleviating purposes. The focus will be on the Mediterranean dietary pattern, an anti-inflammatory diet that includes beneficial foods for gut microbiome homeostasis and the immune system. In addition, the workshop will provide further approaches to food preparation specifically adapted for conditions associated with fatigue. Learners will be taught about the types of foods that are the most beneficial and how to combine them to maximize their health benefits. This will include the practical use of the modified Mediterranean dietary pattern and other approaches, which are particularly beneficial for people suffering from fatigue. The workshop will also explain how to adjust the food preparation specifically for individuals on low-energy days. The knowledge of these techniques can be invaluable for those with conditions associated with excessive inflammation or immune deficiency. By understanding the health benefits of specific foods and the approaches to preparing them, participants will be empowered to reach their health goals.