Pela Petraki Kavvadia, MD

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Internship in Lifestyle-medicine – developing a curriculum.

Prof. Dr. Benno Krachler, Medical Director, Livsstilsmedicin Österåsen. Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Sustainable Health, Umeå University, Umeå (Sweden)

Pela Petraki Kavvadia, MD (Greece)

Residential settings allow for more intensive lifestyle interventions and have thus potential to reach patients with higher needs and lower levels of self-efficacy. Currently, only few clinics offer residential programs for intensive lifestyle interventions Europe-wide making it difficult for health professionals to gain clinical experience. In our presentation we describe the residential program at Livsstilsmedicin Österåsen (Sweden) and how we developed a preliminary model for internship. We share our experience of involving colleges in clinical work, overcoming language- and administrative barriers.