Remko Kuipers, MD, PhD

Remko Kuipers is a both a medical and pharmaceutical doctor, currently employed as a cardiologist in the Netherlands. He earned a PhD in Evolutionary Medicine while working for Frits Muskiet, a famous Dutch emeritus professor in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. During his PhD Kuipers did extensive work in the field of human nutrition, with special attention to the fats we were and are eating, ranging from saturated to omega-3 fatty acids. Besides being a cardiologist, Kuipers works for several start-ups that are interested in the field of preventive medicine.


Saturated fatty acids: the good, the bad or the misunderstood?

Remko Kuipers, MD, PhD, Consultant Cardiology and Preventive Medicine, Dijklander Ziekenhuis (The Netherlands)

Fats and notably saturated fats have since long been associated with cardiovascular disease. Consequently, many advisory boards have cautioned against their use. As a result, the intake of saturated fat has deceased over the last decennia in most countries. However, the reduced intake of saturated fat has not resulted in a general decrease in caloric intake, but rather to an increase in caloric intake, notably on the account of highly refined carbohydrates. This change from saturated fat to refined carbohydrates may well be the root cause of our obesity pandemic. In this presentation we will present a patient with typical stigmata of carbohydrate overloading which could be reversed by increased intake of saturated fatty acids.