Prof. Dr. Benno Krachler

Benno Krachler, M.D., PhD,  received his Medical Degree and PhD from the Universities of Linköping and Umeå, Sweden. He is currently medical director at Livsstilsmedicin Österåsen, a government-financed health clinic housed in a former Sanatorium with a scenic overlook of woodland and the Faxälven and Ångermanälven-rivers. Intensive multimodal lifestyle interventions are offered by a multi-professional team with long-standing experience in motivating and supporting patients in developing their capacity for self-care. 


Internship in Lifestyle-medicine – developing a curriculum

Prof. Dr. Benno Krachler, Medical Director, Livsstilsmedicin Österåsen. Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Sustainable Health, Umeå University, Umeå (Sweden)

Pela Petraki Kavvadia, MD, Founder and Director of « Health Entropy Projects » (Greece) 

Residential settings allow for more intensive lifestyle interventions and have thus potential to reach patients with higher needs and lower levels of self-efficacy. Currently, only few clinics offer residential programs for intensive lifestyle interventions Europe-wide making it difficult for health professionals to gain clinical experience. In our presentation we describe the residential program at Livsstilsmedicin Österåsen (Sweden) and how we developed a preliminary model for internship. We share our experience of involving colleges in clinical work, overcoming language- and administrative barriers.