Prof. Christina Karatzaferi

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Workshop 6 | Assessing Physical Activity and Functional Capacity within the context of your own practice

Prof. Christina Karatzaferi, Professor in Exercise Physiology and Myology, University of Thessaly and co-director of the MSc programme in Lifestyle Medicine (Greece)

The workshop deals with methods and concepts in assessing physical activity and functional capacity using validated but low cost and simple tools within the context of a health professional’s practice. The workshop will critically assess all the available tools, their usefulness and applicability in settings such as private surgeries or clinical practice. The workshop will also provide recommendations and practical tips in assessing physical activity and functional capacity.
By the end of the workshop, the attendees will be able to:
  • Define what is Physical Activity and Functional Capacity
  • Classify the available assessment tools according to their quality and practicality
  • Critically analyze and evaluate the validity of the available tools
  • Associate the results to current recommendations in detecting dynapenia
  • Apply the new skills within the context of their own everyday practice.
  • Collect, analyze and report values according to norms and standards
  • Prepare a final statement/diagnosis for their client/patient.