Thiago Guimarães Osório, MD

Graduated in medicine in 2009. Specialist in Cardiology, Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device, Clinical Arrhythmia and invasive electrophysiology in 2018 at the São Paulo Heart Hospital, Brazil.
He is currently scheduled to defend his PhD at Heart Rhythm Management Centre, Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel. In the last four years, he has been authoring and co-authoring more than 35 peer-reviewed articles in cardiology with the support of the HRMC.
He did the course provided by the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization and the Belgian Lifestyle Medicine Organization. His focus now is on preventing diseases, and lifestyle medicine focus on exercise and nutrition.


The Influence of Physical Activity on
Digestive Health and Gut Microbiota

Thiago Guimarães Osório, MD, Your Empowering You - The House of Lifestyle Medicine

This presentation illuminates the interplay between exercise, diet, and gut health, highlighting their potential as strategic health enhancement and disease prevention tools.