Yohana Isabel De Gracia Hils

Medical Specialist on Clinical Biochemistry. Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid.
Ph.D Biomedical Sciences.  Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid.
M.A Aestethic Medicine Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid.

Member of Sociedad Española de Hidrología Médica. Since 2019.
ELMO Ambassador in Spain. Since 2020
Lifestyle Medicine and Fitness coach advisor certificate, ELMO. 2020

Born in Panamá, lived in Brasil, Costa Rica, studied medicine in Mexico.
Currently living in Spain, started in the field of Thermal Medicine field since 2018.
Joined the front line of health care during the Covid Pandemic since 2020 and currently working in Familiy care and Urgent care in Spain.
Love to read, travel and the ocean.
I enjoy learning, family time, dog lover, and having a good meal with friends.


Wellbeing School for Health care workers and Residents: Pilot Project on Lifestyle Medicine Multimodal Interventions and Thermal Medicine approach

Yohana Isabel De Gracia Hils, M.D Clinical Biochemistry Specialist, PhD Biomedical Sciences research, MSc Aesthetic Medicine and Antiaging, ELMO Certificate Health and Fitness Lifestyle
Advisor (Spain)

The Project was developed with care to reach healthcare workers and residents from Aragon, Spain, who could be suffering stress and burnout.
The lifestyle of Health care workers and residents are often far from healthy; on the track to achieve more professional skills or do a better job; it is common to skip time to eat, lack of quality sleep, high stress levels, overwork, sedentarism, and little time to spend with loved ones.
During pandemic health systems where surpassed, and Human factor was overwhelmed with stress and burnout. There is evidence that support increase on depression anxiety levels and suicide on health care workers and some studies refer to healthcare workers leaving their profession or advising their children not to study medical, nursing, or other health care related professions.