Andrée Rochfort, MB MICGP

Andrée is a medical doctor, a family physician and medical educator in Ireland. She is Director of Quality Improvement & the Doctors’ Health Program of the Irish College of General Practitioners.
She is the President of the European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Medicine, EQUIP, the network for quality and safety in WONCA Europe and leads its working groups in Professional Health and in Sustainable Healthcare.
Andrée is a founding member of the Irish Society of Lifestyle Medicine, a founding member of the Sustainability Working Group of the Irish College of General Practitioners, and a founding member of the European Association for Physician Health.
She has a Master’s degree in medical education, a Licentiate in occupational medicine and is certified in lifestyle medicine. She has a Professional Diploma in Leadership and Management from University College Dublin 2020, and she obtained a European Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine from ELMO in 2021.
She is an author of articles in peer reviewed journals, book chapters and a medical book editor.


Lifestyle Medicine, Quality of Care and Planetary Health

Andrée Rochfort, MD, MICGP, Director of Quality Improvement, Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP), President of EQUIP, the Quality and Safety Network for GPs in WONCA Europe (Ireland)

Lifestyle medicine seeks to optimise quality of life for people during the time they have left on this planet. Many people seek treatment for existing clinical conditions and are less aware of the existing evidence for reversal and prevention of clinical conditions through implementing changes in human lifestyles. However, living better or for longer on an unhealthy planet with poor quality water, air or soil, is not an enjoyable reward for the effort of an individual. 
Collective multidisciplinary approaches are needed. This presentation will explore how lifestyle medicine and planetary health are interconnected and can work symbiotically together.