Eleni Prifti, PhD

Eleni is a Lifestyle Medicine Advisor (ELMO Certificate) based in The Netherlands with expertise in Environmental Health and a special interest in lifestyle interventions of Environmental Pediatrics. She holds a Bachelor's in Chemistry, a Master's in Environmental Chemistry and she is at the final stage of her Ph.D. degree in Bioavailability and Dynamics of Heavy Metals. She has worked for more than a decade at the Heavy Metals Laboratory of Hellenic Center for Marine Research (H.C.M.R.)
participating in numerous European environmental research programs, from which she learned to highly appreciate the value of interdisciplinary scientific paradigm. Her vision is to advocate for the need for collaboration among health care professionals and environmental scientists towards a holistic approach to the human and planetary health crisis we face today.


The importance of water cycles in designing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

Eleni Prifti, PhD, Environmental Chemist, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Advisor (The Netherlands)

As the chemical pollution problems throughout the planet reach unprecedented levels, human exposure to toxic chemicals rises to a major health risk. Water cycles are the key element that exposes how those two problems are connected, revealing an immediate need for interdisciplinary collaboration between lifestyle medicine and environmental sciences. This presentation will focus on the basic knowledge that each lifestyle medicine professional will need to be able to design a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.