Prof. Dr. José L. Palma, MD, Phd, FESC

Medical Graduation:
Navarra University. School of Medicine. Pamplona. Spain.

Post-Graduate Medical Training:
University Hospital. Pamplona. Spain: Internal Medicine.
University Hospitals. Internal Medicine. Montreal University (Canada)
Training on Cardiology and Hypertension: Hospitals of Montreal University (Canada).
Fellow University of Montreal Research Institut (doctoral thesis: Alternative metabolic pathways in the ischaemic rabbit myocardium). Montreal Heart Institute.
Specialist in Cardiology. Complutensis Madrid University.
Cardiologist at the Department of Cardiology. La Paz University Hospital. Madrid. Spain.
Head of Clinic. Department of Cardiology. Ramón y Cajal University Hospital. Head of Intensive Coronary Care Unit. Madrid.
Coordinator of 24-hour Holter Monitoring and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Units.
Assistant Professor of Cardiology Alcalá de Henares University, School of Medicine.
Director of Heart and Hypertension Unit at Ramón y Cajal University Hospital. Madrid.
European Specialist on Arterial Hypertension.

Other activities:
Former Vice-President of The Spanish Heart Foundation.
Former chairman on Hypertensión, Diabetes and Heart Working Groups at The Spanish Society of Cardiology.
Member of The Scientific Committee of The Journal of Spanish Society of Cardiology.
Member of Steering Committee of several national and international Medical Congress.
Former Director of The American Journal of Hypertension (Spanish edition).
Member of several national and international Societies of Cardiology.
Editor-in-Chief of “Cardiovascular Science”. Official organ of The Spanish Heart Foundation.
Currently Director at the Service of Cardiology at Blue Healthcare Clinic. Madrid.
President and co-founder at the Spanish Institute of Lifestyle Medicine Association.
Member of Advisory Council at The European Lifestyle Medicine Organization.

More than one hundred scientific papers published in national and international journals.
Author and co-author of several textbooks published on General Cardiology, including Electrocardiography, Holter Monitoring, Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Embriology and Anatomy of the Heart. Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Heart and Arterial and Venous Systems, Lessons on Cardiovascular Emergency. Hypertension and the Heart. Heart and Diabetes.
Speaker, lecturer and chairman of National & international Medical Symposium & Congress.


Fight against meta-inflammation in non-communicable chronic diseases with lifestyle medicine strategies.

Prof. Dr. José L. Palma, Cardiologist. President of The Spanish Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (Spain)

Low-grade of chronic systemic inflammation or meta-inflammation is always present in most diseases considered non-communicable representing the highest percentage of global morbidity and mortality. Among them, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), tumors, mental disorders, arthritis, gastrointestinal problems and more, are the most relevant. Lifestyle medicine tries to anticipate this unfavorable evolutionary process by acting from the root, proposing measures that abort the initial stressful situation responsible for starting the entire cascade of adverse events that could even lead to premature death.