Ioan Hanes, MD

Certified Nutritionist and Clinical Sexologist- Scientific Director of the European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate

Dr. Ioan Hanes is a medical doctor who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He is a clinical practitioner in lifestyle medicine, being the head of the Obesity Department of the Military Hospital (MeNuFit- Brussels) where he works as a certified medical nutritionist. He is also a clinical sexologist and medical expertise physician (alcohol and drugs driving license jurisdiction). He completed different lifestyle medicine courses in US and Belgium. He has a strong interest in the field of sexual health and lifestyle medicine.

His multicultural background is reflected by the five languages he speaks fluently: English, French, Romanian, Hungarian and Dutch. He is the founder and president of the “Belgian Lifestyle Medicine Organization” (BELMO).


Men’s Sexuality through Lifestyle Interventions

Ioan Hanes, MD, Coordinator of the Obesity Department MeNuFit, Military Hospital, Brussels. Clinical Sexologist and Clinical Nutritionist.
Vice-president of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization. Director of the European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate (Belgium)

What does it mean today to be a man? How does sexuality influence and define a healthy man? From young age until senior age, lifestyle interventions can build up a man’s identity, healthy habits, sexuality and longevity. The presentation summarises the latest research data related to men's health, more precisely how lifestyle interventions could improve his sexual health.