Dr. Elena Gopchuk, MD, PhD

Dr. Elena Gopchuk, PhD, is a gynaecologist and sexologist, Practitioner of Lifestyle Medicine in Cyprus. She has an extensive practical and academic experience, authoring & co-authoring more than 100 scientific and health-popularizing publications. Founder of Women's Healthcare Studio online (gopchuk.com) where she is offering sexual health consultations. Since 2020, as graduate of the ELMO Lifestyle Medicine Certificate, she is developing direction of The Lifestyle Medicine in Cyprus (@lifestyle.medcy). She is speaker on international scientific conferences as well as sexual health educator in her personal public projects in Greece, Ukraine and Cyprus for adults and adolescents.


Cultural projects as an interactive tool in sexual health education for lifestyle medicine practitioners

Elena Gopchuk, MD, PhD in gynecology, sextherapist, educator. Lifestyle Medicine practitioner and Representative of Cyprus in ELMO. Founder of Women's Healthcare Studio (Cyprus)

Broadcasting the Lifestyle Medicine values & strategy of effective changes for people’s better health is an important role of the lifestyle medicine practitioners. Connecting scientific knowledge with an accessible & easy implementing educational process is helping to involve more people into the LM protocols. Cultural & wellness-oriented projects can be one of the successful modern tools to bring people closer to the healthy lifestyle as well as closer to themselves.
Sexual healing topics are delicate in discussions and often have taboos in attitudes and expressing the problems. 
Going through the multi sensory involvement cultural, educational wellness projects influence different groups of people.
“Body talks”, “Lifestyle Medicine and applied yoga”, “Pro-body for teens”, “Dialogues with hormones” ongoing projects in Cyprus developed last 3 years. 
Assessable in person & online, they showed positive educational influence and became popular source of quality information for society. 
Sharing the strategy and results of the ongoing projects, exchanging experiences and opinions on relevant topics helping to popularize LM values and bring attention to the modern wide-range possibilities of help-providing and problems solving.