Pedro L. González-Sanz, MD

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Pedro L. González-Sanz, MD, Preventive Medicine Specialist and Precision Medicine Expert. Founder Member of the Spanish Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and ELMO Country Representative (Spain)

Epigenetics and lifestyle medicine

The presentation is about how the main eight pillars of health, when activated in the healthy way, exert and affect at molecular level modifying for the good, what precision lifestyle medicine is and which new horizons opens molecular biology at us as practitioners.

First Online Lifestyle Medicine Certification in Spain: Pioneering Lifestyle Medicine Education for the Hispanic World

Online medical education is a valuable tool for introducing new practices and perspectives like lifestyle medicine. In our presentation, we introduce the first online medical course backed by the leading professional medical organizations in Spain and how we have been promoting the course in Spain and all Spanish-speaking countries. We also describe our future projects around lifestyle medicine education for the Hispanic world.