Chris Bachtsetzis, BSc BioMed, MD, PhD

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Unlocking optimal health through lifestyle medicine and biohacking

Chris Bachtsetzis, BSc BioMed, MD, PhD, Medical Wellness Coach, Chenot Group, Switzerland. Postgraduate student in Patient Safety, Oxford University, UK. Clinical Associate, University of Nicosia Medical School (Switzerland)

Even though the underlying cause and progression of many chronic diseases can be attributed to biological ageing, daily lifestyle factors can impact that. By harnessing lifestyle medicine interventions and biohacking techniques, either as a first line treatment or as complementary to the use of medication, it is possible to live with diagnosed diseases, while being in a state of optimal health. Today, we can explore the impact of bio-/medical approaches including epigenetics, nutrition, and hydrotherapy on health span, and observe how medical innovations such as photo biomodulation, cryotherapy, antigravity and hypoxic training etc. can positively impact management of chronic disease.