Sundvolden Hotel

2 Dronningveien
3531 Krokkleiva, Norway
Tel: +4732162100

Krokskogen is a forested area which located outside of Oslo, Norway. It is a part of Oslomarka and is situated between Bærumsmarka, Vestmarka and Nordmarka.
The wooded and hilly area of around 300 square kilometres is bordered by Oslo and by the municipalities of Ringerike, Hole and Bærum. The highest points in the landscape are Oppkuven (704 m.), Ringkollen (702 m) and Gyrihaugen (682 m). The old road through Krokskogen which opened in 1805 was part of the King's Road (Ringeriksveien) from Oslo to Bergen. It is now mostly used as a hiking and bridal trail in season and for timber transport during the winter
At the entrance to the legendary Krokskogen is one of Norway's most traditional hotels - Sundvolden Hotel which was established in 1648, and celebrated its 350 years anniversary in 1998. The hotel is privately owned and run by the couple Tord and Cecilie Laeskogen, second generation to run it. They are proud to offer a hotel that contains the best of what it once was, while constantly evolving to meet the needs of today's guests. They want to give their guests a memorable and different experience. Their vision is to be “loved by the guests and admired by the competitors”. To succeed in this, they pursue sustainable development with a large degree of in-house production, a good working environment and a focus on safeguarding the external environment.
The old buildings are still today frequently used. ”Gildehuset” originally from about 900 AD with its meters thick walls and cozy open fireplaces, and ”The Old Room” from 1648, is a fitting spot for a nice dinner after a long day in the conference room. The hotel’s collection of antiquities, handicraft art, and paintings is worth to take a closer look at.