Tethis S.p.A

Tethis S.p.A., a diagnostic company based in Milan (Italy), aims to enable the exploitation of liquid biopsy multi-biomarkers analysis in clinical practice for precise cancer management by leveraging its expertise in sample preparation and processing. Introducing automation and standardization in the critical pre-analytical phase, Tethis provides the highest quality and integrity of liquid biopsy specimens (plasma and cellular fraction). Processing fresh blood in EDTA at the point of blood collection, it ensures the preservation of all clinically relevant information. The company’s proprietary slides – Smart Bio Surface (SBS), thanks to their functionalized nanocoated surface, allow the spontaneous, immediate, and gentle adhesion of normally non-adherent cells, such as white blood cells (WBCs), with no chemicals, no special temperatures, no other treatment. WBCs adhere to SBS slides as a monolayer distributed on their whole active area. SBS slides, combined with the proprietary automated pre-analytical instrument See.d, allow to identify and characterize rare cells in blood, like CTCs, with unprecedented sensitivity, also in early-stage settings. See.d prepares in a completely automated and gentle manner SBS slides with fixed WBCs as well as tubes with stabilized plasma without specialized operators nor preservatives: both contents are stable and can be easily stored for efficient logistics (i.e., internal analysis or shipment to central lab). Tethis technology makes both CTCs and cell-free content available for biomarkers detection from the same blood draw, enabling multi-omics applications.