Oncolipsy is a product line of market-ready blood-based molecular diagnostic kits for oncological applications. So far, 2 kits have been generated, Oncolipsy-PD L1 and Oncolipsy PIK3CA. Due to their high sensitivity and specificity, the Oncolipsy products can be used for the detection of clinically important predictive biomarkers through liquid biopsy approach. The application of these novel kits on liquid biopsy samples provides a non-invasive process for real-time monitoring of cancer disease.
Oncolipsy kits bear a CE mark and can be readily sold in countries accepting the CE mark. Oncolipsy kits are owned by Pharmassist Ltd, a full-service Contract Research Organisation located in Athens, London, UK, and Nicosia, Cyprus. Pharmassist has been operating in Europe & Asia since 1999 providing a variety of services in drug development.
The technology behind Oncolipsy was discovered in the lab of Prof. E. Lianidou, a liquid biopsy key opinion leader at the University of Athens. It was assigned to Pharmassist, which developed further at a wholly-owned GMP facility operating under ISO:9001, ISO:13485 and DY8/1348/2004.
The Oncolipsy kits are protected by several granted and pending patents worldwide (US, EU, JP, CN, IL, HK, ΙΝ) and an EU trademark. Oncolipsy kits & associated rights are being spun out by Pharmassist into a new company, Biomarker Scientific.
The Oncolipsy kits are available for registration, sales & distribution worldwide.