Liquid biopsy analysis has never been more accessible. Detection and enumeration of circulating tumor cells, ctDNA, or circulating miRNAs using fluorescence microscopy can now be performed in every clinical laboratory. Here, we offer a solution for the analysis of essential biomarkers in cancer diagnostics that is convenient, customizable, and affordable.
Our automated fluorescent microscopic platform is designed as either a stand-alone benchtop device for the manual operation of single samples; or a highly flexible advance stage platform for integration into fully automated processes.
Both configurations are adapted for various sample formats and equipped with up to four fluorescence channels and changeable objectives. Complete and ready to use with essential software for standard microscopy applications or customized software tailored to your workflow and automation needs.
All above, as “white-label” products to complement any portfolio of diagnostic assays with their own branded device, and of course, ready for IVD registration for clinical applications.
Since 2005, ASKION has been a reliable partner for developing and manufacturing devices and modules in medical technology, bioanalytics, and optical sensor technology, from the evolution of prototypes to serial production.
Define your application, and let us find an optimal configuration for your fluorescence microscope.