Scientific Information

Instructions for Moderators, Lectures, Speakers and Presenters

  1. Moderators, Speakers, Introductory Lecturers, Platform and Flash Sessions Presenters are requested to be in the session room at least 15 minutes before your session starts. Although the detail time slot is allocated to all presenters, please note it may slightly change for unpredictable reasons.
  2. Sessions should proceed under Moderator’s instruction smoothly.
  3. Platform Sessions will start with Introductory Lecture, followed by Oral Presentations and in the end discussion will be conducted. Please note there are some sessions proceeded without discussion.
  4. Lecturers, Oral and Flash Presenters are requested to respect the allocated presentation time as follows.
    • Introductory Lecture: 12 minutes
    • Oral Presentations: 5 minutes
    • Flash Presentations: 3 minutes
  5. There will be 2 podiums situated on both right and left side on the stage allowing the next presenter to stand by at the opposite side podium during the ongoing presentation to ensure the smooth and timely running of the session.

Speakers' Preview Area

The Speaker Preview facilities will be located in a special designated area at the Odyssey room on the 1st floor close to the Registration Desk. All speakers, lectures and presenters should report there at their earliest convenience and no later than two hours before their presentation time, even if they are not using any audio-visual material. The Speaker Preview facilities will be operating according to the following schedule:

Tuesday, Sep 6th, 2022 07:00-18:30
Wednesday, Sep 7th, 2022 07:30-18:30
Thursday, Sep 8th, 2022 07:30-18:30
Friday, Sep 9th, 2022 08:00-14:00
The PowerPoint slide format should be 16:9 format. Please download the template from this link

If there are any changes or corrections required to the presentation details, please let the Technician know as soon as possible.