Detailed Programme


DAY 1 Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023
09:30- 14:00

Workshop: Long-term measurement of soil suction in the field and its modelling

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09:15-09:30  Introduction
Michael Bardanis  
09:30-10:15 On the long-term measurement of suction in the field and its importance for the evolution of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
Michael Bardanis
10:15-10:50 Advances in field measurements of soil water content
Doug Cobos
10:50-11:25 Advances in technology and techniques for monitoring soil suction in the field and the lab
Leo Rivera
11:25-11:40 Break
11:40-12:15 Long-term performance of conventional tensiometers installed in the Adige River flood embankment in Italy
Alessandro Tarantino
Measurement and monitoring of soil matric suction using High Capacity Tensiometers
Joao Mendes
12:50-13:25 Experiences from the long-term measurement of suction in Cyprus expansive soils
Dimitrios Loukidis
Numerical modelling of suctions in the field
Aikaterini Tsiampousi
18:30- 20:30

Short Course: Introduction to Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and its importance in Geotechnical Practice

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18:30-19:20 Fundamental characteristics and shear strength of unsaturated soils
Michael Bardanis
 19:30-20:20  Swelling and collapse due to partial saturation changes
Dimitrios Loukidis

Welcome Reception
DAY 2  Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023
09:30- 10:00
Opening Session Chairs: Michael Bardanis, George Belokas

10:00- 11:30

Session 01: Shrink-swell & collapse
Chair: Fernando Marinho  

01001 | Special Themed Lecture: A Unified Two Independent Stress Variable Approach to Moisture-Change-Induced Unsaturated Soil Volume Change
Sandra Houston, Xiong Zhang
01002 | Influence of compaction on the soil shrinkage and swelling curves
David Encalada, Abdallah Najdi, Joao Mendes, Pere Prat, Alberto Ledesma

01003 | Analysis of climate change impacts on the shrinkage-swelling phenomenon of clayey soils to adapt infrastructures
Lamine Ighil Ameur

01004 | Swelling and collapse behavior of expansive marl and its implications in foundation engineering
Dimitrios Loukidis, Georgia Lazarou, Ploutarchos Tzampoglou, Thrasivoulos Stylianou

01005 | An insights on the drying-wetting cycles of peat
Luis J. Parra Gómez, Stefano Muraro, Cristina Jommi

Session 02: Fundamental Soil Behavior - Part I
Chair: Bernardo Caicedo  

02001 | Experimental observation and constitutive modelling of the shear strength of a natural unsaturated soil
Ching-Yu Chao, Stefano Muraro, Wout Broere, Cristina Jommi

02002 | Evaluation of the Unsaturated Shear Strength Parameters of Compacted, Heaving Soil Using Geotechnical Properties
Armand Augustin Fondjo, Elizabeth Theron, Richard P. Ray

02003 | Capillary cohesion of different granular materials determined from uniaxial compression and water retention tests
Dennis Heinrich, Marius Milatz

02004 | Capillary collapse of unsaturated granular soils: experimental investigation and microscale insights
Nicole Hüsener, Jürgen Grabe

02005 | Implementation and validation of pressure-dependent gas permeability model for bentonite in FEM code Thebes
Abhishek Gupta, Ayman Abed, Wojciech T. Sołowski

02006 | Effect of Hydro-Mechanical Hysteresis on Active Earth Pressure for Unsaturated Soils
Bestun J. Shwan

02007 | Effect of the optimum and residual moisture content on the strength characteristics of unsaturated sands
Ahmad Waqar, Taro Uchimura, Muhammad Umar
11:30- 11:45
Coffee Break
11:45- 14:00

Session 03: Cyclic & dynamic behaviour of unsaturated soils
Chair: Kanthasamy Muraleetharan  

03001 | Special Themed Lecture: Modeling seismic compression of unsaturated soils in the funicular regime
John S. McCartney, Dellena Kinikles
03002 | Field and laboratory measurements of shear wave velocity in unsaturated soils
Tareq Abuawad, Gerald Miller, Kanthasamy Muraleetharan

03003 | Influence of degree of saturation on the dynamic soil properties of a sandy soil
Rafael Baltodano-Goulding, Laura Brenes-Garcia

03004 | Comparing trend of Vs at similar range of saturated and unsaturated stress state variables
Zhuoyuan Cheng, Eng Choon Leong                                 

03005 | Relating wave frequency and pore fluid homogeneity in quasi-saturated sands
Guillaume Flood-Page, Luc Boutonnier, Jean-Michel Pereira

03006 | Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Satellite Data and Unsaturated Soil Response
Ali Farahani, Majid Ghayoomi, Jennifer M. Jacobs

03007 | An evaluation of the effect of matric suction on the dynamic strain-dependent parameters of an unsaturated silt
S. Mohsen Haeri, Behnam Sadollahzadeh, Vahid Zahed

03008 | One-dimensional cyclic loading tests on saturated and unsaturated sand-clay mixtures
Arman Khoshghalb, Jiacheng Li, Babak Shahbodagh

03009 | Seismic behavior of piles foundations in unsaturated soils
Ali Shojaeian, Sumangali Sivakumaran, Kanthasamy K.  Muraleetharan

Session 04: Fundamental Soil Behavior - Part II
Chair: Francesca Casini  

04001 | The combination of splitting tensile strength and unconfined compression tests of unsaturated soils to measure the evolution of unsaturated shear strength
Michael Bardanis, Sofia Grifiza, Dimitrios Kokoviadis, Marianna Feuillas

04002 | A simplified approach to estimating the evolution of residual shear strength of unsaturated soils with suction
Michael Bardanis, Sofia Grifiza, Marianna Feuillas

04003 | Influence of water content on the electrical resistivity of biocemented soils investigated through the shape of the water retention curve and considering chemical effects
Roman Fernandez Rodriguez, Rafaela Cardoso

04004 | Mechanical properties hysteresis of unsaturated granular soil
Paul Chiasson, Horace Tamégnon

04005 | Coupled stress-suction changes in the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone
Philipp Braun, Pierre Delage, Siavash Ghabezloo, Jean Talandier

04006 | Constant void ratio vs. constant confining pressure tests on partially saturated silty soil
Tufail Ahmad, Riko Kato, Dipak Raj Shrestha, Jiro Kuwano

04007 | The laterally confined consolidation of initially compacted and wetted swelling clay
Shay Nachum, Sam Frydman, Mark Talesnick

04008 | Experimental investigation on the hydromechanical behaviour of a porous chalk
Danielle Rita Pajiep Ngongang, Nathalie Conil, Jian-Fu Shao, Mountaka Souley, Philippe Gombert

04009 | Soil-atmosphere interaction: cracking of a compacted soil under the effect of a thermo-hydric stress
Sandrine Rosin-Paumier, Jaime Granados, Bernardo Caicedo
14:00- 15:00
Lunch Break
15:00- 17:15

Session 05: Advances in testing techniques, methods and equipment
Chair: Joao Mendes

05001 | Special Themed Lecture: New challenges in experimental unsaturated soil mechanics. Experimental upscaling of an engineered gas-permeable seal
Enrique Romero, Clara Alvarado, Antonio Lloret  
05002 | Defining a generic accelerated erosion testing method for earthen materials
Christopher Beckett, Paulina Faria

05003 | Interpretation of constant suction direct shear test
Sam Bulolo, Eng Choon Leong

05004 | Suction in shales: consequences on triaxial testing
Pierre Delage

05005 | Large cell triaxial tests of a partially saturated soil with vegetation
Alessandro Fraccica, Enrique Romero, Thierry Fourcaud

05006 | Digital image-based analysis of small-scale dam failure during wetting
Gerardo Morales, Núria M. Pinyol, Antonio Lloret

05007 | Model validation using induced tensile stress during cracking process measured with desiccation stress tests
Mai Sawada, Mamoru Mimura, Kazuhide Yoshikawa

05008 | Developing a novel geophysical tool to investigate the influence of vegetation on slope stability
Narryn Thaman, Jessica Holmes, Paul Wilkinson, James Boyd, Philip Meldrum, Jonathan Chambers, Ross Stirling, Colin Davie, Stephanie Glendinning

Session 06: Understanding the effect of climate change on the environment and infrastructure through unsaturated soil behaviour
Chair: Bruna de Carvalho Faria Lima Lopes  

06001 | Undrained Shear Strength of Frozen Unsaturated Silts
Anshu Anhinav, Tugce Baser

06002 | Physical and numerical modelling of soil-atmosphere-structure interaction
Jaime Granados, Bernardo Caicedo

06003 | Irreversible effects of drying-wetting cycles on shrinkage and water retention of compacted London clay
Ana Sofia Dias, Paul Hughes, David Toll

06004 | The impact of soil-vegetation-atmosphere interaction on a landslide initiation under torrential storms: a case study
Alessandro Fraccica, Enrique Romero, Josette E. Fallas

06005 | Improved Thermal Conductivity Function for Unsaturated Soil with Physics-based Parameters
Mohamed S. Musa, Yu Lu, John S. McCartney

06006 | Investigation of the hydraulic regime of a desiccated slope under both natural and simulated environmental conditions
Emma McConnell, Jessica Holmes, Ross Stirling, Colin T Davie, Stephanie Glendinning

06007 | Influence of soil suction on runoff during whiplash events
Tommy Bounds, Kanthasamy Muraleetharan, Gerald Miller

06008 | Effects of wetting and drying cycles on the mechanical behaviour of Lightweight Cemented Soils
Filomena Sabatino, Olivier Cuisinier, Giacomo  Russo, Enza Vitale, Marco Valerio Nicotera

06009 | The importance of unsaturated soil properties in the development of slope susceptibility map for Old Alluvium in Singapore
Harianto Rahardjo, Yangyang Li, Alfrendo Satyanaga

06010 | The importance of permeability modelling in soil-atmosphere interaction
Aikaterini Tsiampousi

06011 | Shear Wave Velocity Response of Compacted Kaolin during Drying-Wetting Cycles
Christopher Walker, Ana Heitor, Barry Clarke
17:15- 17:30
Coffee Break
17:30- 18:30

Session 07: Foundations
Chair: Dimitrios Loukidis

07001 | Investigation of piled foundations in swelling clays
Tiago A.V. Gaspar, Schalk W. Jacobsz, Ashraf S. Osman

07002 | The performance of laterally loaded pile in layered sandy soils under variable degree of saturation
Ahmed Hasan, Rizgar Hummadi, Omed  Azeez

07003 | An analytical method to evaluate the capacity of laterally loaded piles in unsaturated soils
Leonardo Maria Lalicata, Agostino Walter Bruno, Domenico Gallipoli

07004 | Bearing capacity of shallow footing on an unsaturated embankment upon infiltration
Rakshanda Showkat, G L Sivakumar Babu

07005 | Behaviour of a building foundation on unsaturated expansive soil
Theodora Tika, George Koninis, Antigoni Vranna
Session 08: Unsaturated Soil Mechanics instruction: Guiding the non-specialist instructor. A panel discussion chaired and moderated by Marina Pantazidou  

Sandra Houston
John McCartney
Alessandro Tarantino


DAY 3  Thursday, May 4th, 2023

Session 09: Water Retention Curves
Chair: Claudia Zapata  

09001 | A simple model for the water retention curve of compressible biocemented sands using MIP results
Rafaela Cardoso, Joana Vieira, Ana Filipa Calheiros, Inês Borges

09002 | Experimental Study of Soil Water Characteristic Curve for a Clayey Soil Reinforced with Model Geocell for Freezing-Thawing Cycles
Bhavita S. Dave, Jitesh T. Chavda, Chandresh H, Solanki, Atul K. Desai

09003 | Water retention curves and tensile strength for studying desiccation cracking of compacted clay soils
Hesam Ebrahimisadr, Bertrand Francois

09004 | Hydromechanical characterisation of a highly expansive clay
Lucy Eost, Tiago A.V. Gaspar, Ashraf S. Osman

09005 | Drying and wetting soil-water retention behaviour of a highly expansive clay under varying initial density
Ruan A. Murison, SW Jacobsz, Tiago A.V. Gaspar, Talia S. da Silva Burke, Ashraf S. Osman

09006 | Water retention curve of clayey sands determined from pore structure by using various methods
Quoc Hung Vu, Jean-Michel Pereira, Anh Minh Tang

09007 | Soil water retention curves of a silty clayey sand compacted at different dry density
Roberta Ventini, Marianna Pirone, Claudio Mancuso

Session 10: Physical, numerical and constitutive modelling - Part I
Chair: David Mašín  

10001 | Impact of Suction on the Near Surface Lateral Soil Response using Centrifuge Modeling
Oladayo Komolafe, Majid Ghayoomi

10002 | Gaining insight into the effective stress parameter using pore-scale numerical modelling with the multiphase lattice Boltzmann method
Reihaneh Hosseini, Krishna Kumar

10003 | Centrifuge modelling of unsaturated slopes subjected to the integrated effect of groundwater and rainfall infiltration
Sanchitha Hema Sharendra Jayakody, Ryosuke Uzuoka, Kyohei Ueda

10004 | A Pore network modeling approach for simulating soil water retention curve under different stress conditions
Suaiba Mufti, Arghya Das

10005 | Enhancement of a hydro-mechanical hypoplastic model for unsaturated fine-grained soils accounting for small strain stiffness
Maria Pico-Duarte, David Mašín

10006 | Wetting-induced instabilities: triggering mechanism and predisposing factors
Giada Maria Rotisciani, Augusto Desideri, Angelo Amorosi

10007 | Nanoscale soil-water retention curve of unsaturated clay via molecular dynamics
Zhe Zhang, Xiaoyu Song
11:00- 11:15
Coffee Break
11:15- 12:15

00002 | The 3rd Blight Lecture: The positive history of an error. Modelling the heave of a nuclear power station
Eduardo E. Alonso

Chair: Michael Bardanis

12:15- 12:30
Coffee Break
12:30- 14:00

Session 11: Effects of microstructure
Chair: Rafaela Cardoso  

11001 | Special Themed Lecture: Effects of microstructure on THM behaviour of geomaterials
Jean-Michel Pereira
11002 | Impact of salinity and alkalinity on the microstructure of partially saturated Opalinus Clay from the lower sandy facies (LSF) of Mont Terri site
Yara Barakat, Nadia Mokni, Yu-Jun Cui, Pierre Delage, Frédéric Bernier

11003 | Microstructure of compacted low-plasticity soils: the initial fabric and its evolution on stress and suction paths
Laura Gonzalez-Blanco, Enrique Romero, Núria M. Pinyol, Eduardo E. Alonso

11004 | Pore scale investigation of unsaturated granular soil behaviour by means of in situ CT experiments
Marius Milatz, Dennis Heinrich

11005 | Consideration of microstructure in modelling the hydro-mechanical behaviour of unsaturated soils
Tianchi Wu, Peter Cleall, Snehasis Tripathy, Guoqing Cai


Session 12: Unsaturated soils of fills, levees, embankments, dams, roads & pavements, railways and other pieces of infrastructure
Chair: Cristina Jommi

12001 | 3-Dimensional Numerical Evaluation of Geosynthetic Encased Stone Columns in Unsaturated Soils
Mohammed Shakeel Abid, G Venkata Ramana, Sai K Vanapalli, Kasinathan  Muthukkumaran

12002 | An unsaturated soil mechanics approach for performance-based intelligent compaction
Liuxin Chen, Javad Ghorbani, Amir Tophel, Jayantha Kodikara

12003 | Temperature- and saturation-dependent behaviour of unsaturated clay beams in bending tests
Maximilian Hardenberg, Christos Vrettos

12004 | The effect of stress-dependent SWCC on the load carrying capacity of the slope subjected to the drying-wetting path
Chidanand M Jadar, Sathiyamoorthy Rajesh, Suman Roy

10005 | Water characteristic curve and permeability function of recycled concrete aggregate
Gulnur Pernebekova, Alfrendo Satyanaga, Rezat Abishev, Sung-Woo Moon, Jong Kim

12006 | Large-Scale Plate Load Tests to Determine the Collapse Potential at Santorini 150 kV GIS Substation Site
Athanasios Platis, Konstantina Malliou

12007 | Unsaturated modelling, testing and monitoring towards the rehabilitation of a slope on National Route 3, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Mario Schulz-Poblete, Frans Van Der Merwe, Fernando Pequerino

12008 | Analysis of transient seepage through a river embankment by means of centrifuge modelling
Roberta Ventini, Elena Dodaro, Daniela Giretti, Marianna Pirone, Francesco Zarattini, Carmine Gerardo Gragnano, Vincenzo Fioravante, Fabio Gabrieli, Guido Gottardi, Claudio Mancuso
14:00- 15:00
Lunch Break
15:00- 17:15

Session 13: Slope stability & landslides
Chair: Apiniti Jotisankasa  

13001 | Special Themed Lecture: Transpiration in the water-limited regime: soil-plant-atmosphere interactions
Alessandro Tarantino, Eve Roberts-Self
13002 | Effect of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve on the Stability of Unsupported Vertical Trenches in Unsaturated Soils
Won Taek Oh, Mahsa Bajestani

13003 | A multidisciplinary study on the spatial variability of the local stratigraphic conditions in partially saturated slopes for flow-like landslide prediction
Marianna Pirone, Rosa Di Maio, Giovanni Forte, Claudio De Paola, Simona Guglielmi, Rosanna Salone, Antonio Santo, Gianfranco Urciuoli

13004 | Hydro-mechanical modeling of a vegetated slope subjected to rainfall
Hamed Sadeghi, Farshad Yazdani Bene Kohal, Mostafa Gholami, Pouya AliPanahi, Dongri Song

13005 | Effect of slope geometry on stability of slope in Almaty
Alfrendo Satyanaga, Rezat Abishev, Assylanbek Sharipov, Martin   Wijaya, Abdul Halim Hamdany, Sung-Woo Moon, Jong Kim

13006 | Numerical analysis of rainfall effects on the slope stability of open pit coal mines
Alexandros Theocharis, Ioannis Zevgolis, Nikolaos Koukouzas

13007 | 3D effects of soil-atmosphere interaction on infrastructure slope stability
Aikaterini Tsiampousi

13008 | Stability analysis of unsaturated soil slopes considering softening and non-softening approach
Xiuhan Yang, Sai Vanapalli

13009 | Simulating landslides using two-phase two-point material point method
Zhiqi Zhan, Chao Zhou

Session 14: Hydro-mechanical and thermal properties of bentonites and bentonite-based mixtures - Part I
Chair: George Belokas  

14001 | Homogenization of unsaturated bentonite during hydration
Antonio Gens, Ramon Vasconcelos, Carlos Rodriguez, Jean Vaunat, Maria Victoria Villar

14002 | Shrinkage cracks of bentonite-zeolite mixtures
Zhuoyuan Cheng, Yew Heng Sherman Seah, Eng Choon Leong

14003 | Impact of sand on the water retention properties of a bentonite/sand mixture by NMR characterization
Pablo Eizaguirre, Anh Minh Tang, Benjamin Maillet, Rahima Sidi-Boulenouar, Baptiste Chabot, Michel Bornert, Jean-Michel Pereira, Patrick Dangla, Patrick Aimedeu, Jean Talandier, Minh-Ngoc Vu

14004 | Gas transport in a binary bentonite mixture used in sealing systems
Arisleidy Mesa-Alcantara, Enrique Romero, Nadia Mokni

14005 | Large scale Vertical SEALing (VSEAL) tests: Impact of gas migration on bentonite based vertical seals
Nadia Mokni, Justo Cabrera, Frederic Deleruyelle

14006 | Experimental and numerical study on homogenisation of BCV bentonite using dual density samples
Jan Najser, David Mašín

14007 | On the thermal hydro mechanical chemical behavior of bentonite sand mixture
Tomoyoshi Nishimura

14008 | Investigation on hydraulic-mechanical properties in bentonite-sand mixture with consideration of salinity water
Takayuki Motoshima, Sachie Iso, Tomoyoshi Nishimura

14009 | Numerical modelling of unsaturated MX-80 bentonite subjected to two different hydration paths and subsequent loading to high-pressures
Giuseppe Pedone, Lidija Zdravkovic, David M. Potts, Aikaterini Tsiampousi

14010 | Microstructure and hydro-mechanical behaviour of compacted granular bentonite
Hao Zeng, Laura Gonzalez-Blanco, Enrique Romero, Alessandro Fraccica
17:15- 17:30
Coffee Break
17:30- 19:30

Session 15: Physical, numerical and constitutive modelling - Part II
Chair: Daichao Sheng  

15001 | Special Themed Lecture: Calibration of BBM Parameters using the Modified State Surface Approach
Xiong Zhang, Beshoy Riad, Eduardo E. Alonso
15002 | Extending modified Cam-Clay to unsaturated soils by incorporating a scaled stress variable
Agostino Walter Bruno, Talenta Pitso, Leonardo Maria Lalicata, Adrian De Paoli, Domenico Gallipoli

15003 | Numerical implementation of BBM in FE package for solving unsaturated soil boundary value problems
Vikas Prajapati, Arghya Das

15004 | A constitutive framework for the chemo-mechanical behaviour of unsaturated non-expansive clays
Liliana Gramegna, Ayman A. Abed, Wojciech T. Solowski, Guido Musso, Gabriele Della Vecchia

15005 | Finite element modelling of unsaturated soils using a modified version of the Barcelona Basic Model
Anita Laera, Tuan Anh Bui, Sandro Brasile

15006 | A state dependent constitutive model for unsaturated soil-steel interfaces considering bonding effect
Gengyun Liu, Jingpei Li

15007 | Numerical integration of the Glasgow Coupled Model (GCM)
Marti Lloret-Cabot, Simon J Wheeler, Antonio Gens

15008 | A fully coupled hydro-mechanical model for the analysis of partially saturated multiphase geo-structures using the bounding surface plasticity
Soodeh Samimi, Mahnoush Gharehdaghi, Babak Shahbodagh, Nasser Khalili

Session 16: Partial saturation and tailings
Chair: Ioannis Zevgolis  

16001 | Stress-strain behaviour of unsaturated compacted coal rejects and tailings
Olivier Buzzi, Jianping Li, Jubert Pineda, Dan Payne, Kaiwen Ouyang, Jinbiao Wu

16002 | Estimations of water retention curves for fine-grained soils and tailings using their fractal particle size distributions
Arturo Jimenez, Adrian R. Russell

16003 | Evaluation a volumetric water content sensor to be used for compacted filtered iron ore tailings
Ariane de Sa Landim, Yuri Corrêa, João Paulo Silva, Fernando A.M. Marinho

16004 | Unsaturated shear strength parameters for compacted iron ore tailing
Michelli Hora de Jesus, Rodrigo Serafim, João Paulo Silva, Fernando A.M. Marinho

16005 | Pore pressure response during tube sampling in gold tailings
Gregory Darren Mc Donald, Wallace de Lange, Schalk Willem Jacobsz

16006 | Evaluating the performance of three sensor types for long-term measurement of suctions in gold tailings
Yashay Narainsamy, Schalk Willem Jacobsz

16007 | The influences of partial saturation on cone penetration tests in silty gold tailings
Adrian Russell, Thanh Vo, Juan Ayala, Yanzhi Wang, David Reid, Andy Fourie

16008 | Numerical investigation of saturated-unsaturated flow and stability analysis of tailings dams considering the influence of saline solutions
Mona Anbarestani, Hamed Sadeghi, Ali Golaghaei Darzi

16009 | Strain Softening response of loose unsaturated tailings samples in undrained triaxial tests
Felipe Urbina, David Reid, Andy Fourie

16010 | Constitutive modelling of instabilities and strengths of an unsaturated tailings
Yanzhi Wang, Thanh Vo, Adrian Russell
Conference Dinner
DAY 4  Friday, May 5th, 2023 
09:30- 11:15

Session 17: Unsaturated soil mechanics in the preservation and pathology of historic monuments
Chair: Alessandro Flora  

17001 | Investigation of the properties and behaviour of ancient and newly constructed mudbricks from the ancient walls of Eleusis
Michael Bardanis, Theodoros Marinis, Eleni-Eva Toumbakari, Georgios Dounias

17002 | Reproduction and long-term monitoring of drying of mudbricks and small mudbrick walls for the preservation of the ancient mudbrick wall of Eleusis
Michael Bardanis, Theodoros Marinis, Eleni-Eva Toumbakari, Georgios Dounias

17003 | Capillary Barrier Effect in an Earthen Roof of Historical House
Aysenur Aslan Fidan, Mehmet Muhit Berilgen

17004 | Assessment of tunnels stability in the Maya archeological area of Copán, Honduras
Emilio Bilotta, Alessandro Flora, Paulo Lourenço, Felipe Pires

17005 | Monitoring activities for the preservation of an Etruscan hypogeum in unsaturated soil mass
Manuela Cecconi, Laura Melelli, Giacomo Russo, Alessio De Angelis, Paolo Carbone, Corrado Cencetti, Rosa Di Maio, Maria Angela Turchetti, Vincenzo Pane

17006 | Numerical study on the effects of groundwater table oscillation beneath the "Palazzaccio" courthouse in Rome
Gorizia D'Alessio, Arianna Pucci, Giulia Guida, Francesca Casini

17007 | The Amazing Mechanism of the Standing for 700years of the Tall Masonry Stone Tower of 32m in height on Manmade Sandy High Mound by Shallow Direct Foundation, Bayon Temple, Angkor, Cambodia
Yoshinori Iwasaki, Mitsuharu Fukuda, Mitsumasa Ishizuka, Robert McCarthy, Vanna Ly, Takeshi Nakagawa

17008 | Unlocking the water retention behaviour of turf construction materials
Benedicta Yi Xin Lin, Christopher Beckett, Tanja Romankiewicz, J Riley Snyder, Ben Russell
Session 18: Multi phase media and multi physical coupling - Part I
Chair: Adrian Russell  

18001 | Gas production behaviour of gas hydrate–bearing clayey-sand during depressurization: novel in-flight centrifuge modelling
Sina Baghbanrezvan, Charles Wang Wai Ng

18002 | Thermal conductivity of compacted Opalinus Clay at different degrees of saturation
Nuria Sau, Florian Christ, Enrique Romero, Arash Alimardani Lavasanc

18003 | On the resistance of hydrophobic soil polymer coatings created by cold plasma polymerization
Clara Magalhães Toffoli, Marius Milatz, Jürgen Grabe

18004 | Evolution of Water Retention Characteristics in Bio-Geochemically Altered Unsaturated Soils: A Pore-Scale Study
Sina Nassiri, Claudia Zapata, Nariman Mahabadi

18005 | Modelling of water droplet dynamics on hydrophobic soils: a review
Shuaihao Zhang, Xiangyu Hu, Sergio D.N. Lourenco

11:15- 11:30
Coffee Break
11:30- 12:30

00003 | Plenary Lecture
Effects of thermal cycles on soil behaviour: theoretical and experimental studies
Charles W. W. Ng, Chao Zhou, Shuai Zhang, Qi Zhang

Chair: Pierre Delage

12:30- 12:45
Coffee Break
12:45- 14:00

Session 19: Hydro-mechanical and thermal properties of bentonites and bentonite-based mixtures - Part II
Chair: Tomoyoshi Nishimura  

19001 | Special Themed Lecture: Milos, the minerals island and its important asset: Bentonite
Michael Stamatakis
19002 | A parametric study on the hydromechanical properties of claystone/bentonite mixtures
Danai Tyri, Irini Djeran-Maigre, Jean-Claude Robinet, Jad Zghondi

19003 | Does gravity affect the thermo-hydro-mechanical processes in a bentonite barrier?
María Victoria Villar, Carlos Gutiérrez-Álvarez, Rubén Javier Iglesias, Pedro Luis Martín

19004 | Investigation of water-retention and uniaxial compression behaviour of MX80 bentonite pellet at various suctions
Jin-Wen Yang, Yu-Jun Cui, Nadia Mokni

Session 20: Multi phase media and multi physical coupling - Part II
Chair: Sergio Lourenco  

20001 | An experimental methodology to assess the impact of desaturation on gas diffusion in clay based materials
Aadithya Gowrishankar, Elke Jacops, Norbert Maes, Pieter Verboven, Hans Janssen

20002 | The effect of microbes on the stability of an unsaturated tropical slope
Bruna de Carvalho Faria Lima Lopes

20003 | Physically-based reduction function to model unsaturated flow associated with plant transpiration
Eve Roberts-Self, Alessandro Tarantino

20004 | An experimental setup to investigate the effect of mycorrhizal fungi inoculation on plant water uptake in unsaturated soils
Eve Roberts-Self, Alessandro Tarantino

20005 | Influence of permeability on rainfall infiltration based on water gas two phase flow
Wenjing Tian, Herman Peiffer, Benny Malengier

20006 | Numerical investigation on three-phase flow in unsaturated soil considering porosity effects on soil hydraulic properties
Jiaren Yu, Chao Zhou
14:00- 15:00
Lunch Break
15:00- 16:15

Session 21: Geoenvironmental and geo energy applications of unsaturated soil mechanism - Part I
Chair: Nasser Khalili  

21001 | Special Themed Lecture: When nature meets technology: AI-informed discovery of soil-water-root physical interaction
Anthony Kwan Leung, Jianbin Liu, Zhenliang Jiang
21002 | Composite Barrier Systems for Climate Adaptation
Jessica L. Holmes, Ross Stirling, Colin T. Davie, Narryn Thaman, Stephanie Glendinning

21003 | Drying Front and Vaporization Plane Dynamics during Evaporation from Homogeneous Soil Profiles
Jumana Hussary, Adel Alowaisy, Noriyuki Yasufuku, Ishikura Ryohei, Monther Abdelhadi

21004 | Efficacy of Pond Ash as a Cover Material in Single and Dual Capillary Barriers
Chitti Satya Sundara Uday Srikanth, BJ Ramaiah, Adapa Murali Krishna, Sai K Vanapalli

Session 22: Long-term measurements of suction in the field and their relation to climatic parameters - Part I
Chair: Doug Cobos  

22001 | High Capacity Tensiometers: performance and behaviours
Joao Mendes, Armin Jamali, Abdallah Najdi, David Encalada, Agostino Bruno, Pere C Prat, Olivier Buzzi, Domenico Gallipoli, Alberto Ledesma, David Toll

22002 | Climate-driven soil suction variation using a natural-order Fourier series approach
Austin Olaiz, Claudia Zapata

22003 | Spatiotemporal deep learning approach for estimating water content profiles in soil layers
Farid Fazel Mojtahedi, Mohammad Amin Ghaffari, Saeed  Rahmati, Ali Nazari, Hamed Sadeghi, Sai  K Vanapalli

22004 | Calibration of a granular matrix sensor for suction measurements in partially saturated pyroclastic soil
Marialaura Tartaglia, Marianna Pirone, Gianfranco Urciuoli

22005 | A prototype for water content measurement in partially saturated soils
Simona Guglielmi, Marianna Pirone, Nicola Amatucci, Umberto Cesaro, Mauro D'Arco, Gianfranco Urciuoli

16:15- 16:30
Coffee Break
16:30- 18:15

Session 23: Geoenvironmental and geo energy applications of unsaturated soil mechanism - Part II
Chair: Christopher Beckett  

23001 | Unsaturated seepage analysis for an ordinary solid waste sanitary landfill in Costa Rica
Rafael Baltodano-Goulding, Alonso Poveda-Montoya

23002 | Coupled hydro-mechanical behaviour of a Kaolin Clay in the context of the geothermal use of geotechnical structures
Timon Kayser, Wiebke Baille, Merita Tafili, Torsten Wichtmann

23003 | Hygro-thermal coupling in earth building materials
Leonardo Maria Lalicata, Agostino Walter Bruno, Domenico Gallipoli

23004 | Hygrothermal characterization of rammed earth according to humidity variations
Alessia Emanuela Losini, Taini Chitimbo, Laura Leteve, Monika Woloszyn, Anne Cecile Grillet, Noemie Prime

23005 | Time-dependent hydrophobic characterization of granular materials synthesised with commercial chemical agents
Yunesh Saulick, Cheuk Sze Chelsea Lok, Sergio Lourneco

23006 | Capillary absorption into CEBs and 2-layer composite building materials comprising of natural stone and CEBs
Rafail Panagiotou, Ioannis Ioannou

23007 | The performance of a Horizontal Ground Heat Exchanger (HGHE) under the seasonal ground energy storage behavior
Fujiao Tang, Mojdeh Lahoori, Hossein Nowamooz, Sandrine Rosin-Paumier, Farimah Masrouri

Session 24: Long-term measurements of suction in the field and their relation to climatic parameters Part II
Chair: Aikaterini Tsiampousi 

24001 | Some examples and lessons from long-term field measurements of suction in Greece
Michael Bardanis, Dimitrios Kokoviadis

24002 | Probability Distribution of Soil Suction of Engineered Turf Cover and Compacted Clay Cover
Md Jobair Bin Alam, Maalvika Aggarwal

24003 | Numerical Evaluation of Slope Stability based on Temporal Variation of Hydraulic Conductivity
Alinda Gupta, Md Azijul Islam, Md Jobair Bin Alam

24004 | Field observations of soil moisture, suction and movement of cornfield in tropical highland with and without vetiver system
Apiniti Jotisankasa, Wichuda Jamrueang, Sony Pramusandi, Surat Semmad, Jarunee Pilumwong

24005 | The importance of desiccation cracks in water migration inside expansive ground
Dimitrios Loukidis, Ploutarchos Tzampoglou, Thrasivoulos Stylianou, Loizos Pogiatzis, Georgia Lazarou

24006 | Field monitoring of the water pressure and displacement of a partially saturated expansive marl under an unloading stress path due to deep excavation
Missom Ouedaogo, Luc Boutonnier, Fabrice Emeriault, Dino Mahmutovic

24007 | The hydromechanical behavior of unsaturated loess in slopes, New Zealand
Katherine Yates, Adrian Russell

24008 | UnSaLuDo: The development of an educational board game on unsaturated soil mechanics
Gustavo Augusto Froes. Cardoso, Mariana Ramos Chrusciak, Manoel Porfirio Cordao-Neto, Bruna de Carvalho Faria Lima Lopes
18:15- 19:00
Closing Session
Chairs: Michael Bardanis, Enrique Romero, Alessandro Flora, Marina Pantazidou 


25001 | Numerical Investigation into the effects of rainfall and long stem plants spacing on Root Water Uptake (RWU)
Ilaria Bertolini, Andrew Vidler, Guido Gottardi, Olivier Buzzi

25002 | A microstructure-based procedure to simulate the effect of wetting-drying cycles on the soil water retention curve
Andrew Vidler, Olivier Buzzi, Stephen Fityus

25003 | Soil parameters in terms of entropy coordinates
Emőke Imre, Tibor Firgi, Wiebke Baille, Maria Datcheva, Daniel Barreto, Shuyin Feng, Vijay Singh

25004 | Reliability of HCT-based Soil Water Retention Curves
Meghdad Bagheri, Vasileios Matziaris, Damiola Akinniyi

25005 | Soil water retention curve of silty sand – experimental investigation using different laboratory methods
Vasileios Matziaris, Piotr Osinski, Jeganathan Vimalan, Eugeniusz Koda

25006 | Determination of wetting soil water characteristics curve from disk infiltrometer measurements
Aparimita Priyadarshini Naik, Sreeja Pekkat

25007 | Modelling a hydration and heating column test on unsaturated bentonite using a double porosity approach
Ramon Vasconcelos, Antonio Gens, Jean Vaunat, Carlos E. Rodríguez, Maria V. Villar

25008 | Investigation into the compression behaviour of unsaturated damaged Callovo-Oxfordian claystone
Hao Wang, Yu-Jun  Cui, Minh-Ngoc Vu, Jean Talandier