Welcome Message

Dear members, colleagues and friends,

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to invite you to the 10th Annual Meeting of FUE Europe Society, which will be held in Athens this year. The meeting will be hosted by our friends and colleagues: Dr. Anastasios Vekris, Dr. Christian Bisanga, Dr. Krystallia Kyparissou and Dr. Yiannis Venetsanos.

As we always say seminars, meetings and workshops are great places to learn, evaluate, educate, check new updates, see latest technologies, and to build a great network of colleagues and friends.

Like always we owe it to our patients to continually strive to provide proper education and training as a requirement for all our members.

If you want to be relevant and up to date with the latest and newest on FUE and regenerative medicine, this is a must meeting to attend. The diverse speakers and faculty will present an unbiased approach to choose the best approach for each case including all methods of FUE itself
  • The conference agenda is packed with the latest in FUE technology, methodology, insight and regenerative medicine.
  • We will have a"newcomers day" for those who want to start with FUE or improve existing core competencies. No question is too silly, and special attention and time are there for those who want to become "safe" concerning the essential practical skills of FUE.
  • There will be an extensive clinical workshop in FUE and regenerative medicine. With the live surgery we will be introducing a range of well-know experts in their field, showing a big variety of surgeries.
  • This time we also offer a workshop for technicians where they will be shown the ins and outs in how to assist the surgeon by the most experienced technicians in the field.
Take your opportunity to watch, to learn, and to connect!

The scientific program is not yet final. Everyone is kindly invited to share ideas, experiences, and know-how. If there is any question or suggestions, just let us know. FUE EUROPE is your organization, we depend on everyone’s input.

So come, join us, train, learn, and connect. Until the time we come together, take care and stay safe.

Sincerely yours,

President FUE Europe
Dr. Ozgur Oztan

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