Thursday, September 15, 2022

Main Hall : Parthenon Hall : Cyclades I-II Hall : Cyclades III


Chair: Christian Bisanga

08:00-08:10 Presidential Address

08:10-08:20 Anastasios Vekris: Welcome by host

08:20-08:25 John Cole: Welcome to FUEE 2022

08:25-08:30 Krystallia Kyparisou: Welcome by host

Bodyhair & Alternatives

Chair: Ibrahim Jebai

08:30-08:40 Bijan Feriduni: Long Hair FUE- Reverse FU Eyelash Transplantation (video)

08:40-08:50 Datuk Inder: Hair Transplant went wrong

08:50-09:00 Ibrahim Jebai: Eyebrow Transplants: How to Achieve Great results

09:00-09:10 Elif Kuzgun: Hair Transplant Repair

09:10-09:20 Anastasios Vekris: Beard Hair Restoration

09:20-09:25 Q & A


Plenary Session

Chair: Krystallia Kyparissou

08:30-08:45 Alexandros Katoulis: Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia: an Update

08:45-09:00 Tsvetalin Zarev: Super-Giga Sessions over 13,000 grafts

09:00-09.05 Q & A


Chair: Levent Acar

09:25-09:35  Sanusi Umar: Universal FUE Device for all Skin and Hair Types – Zeus

09:35-09:45 Antonia Andriopoulou: Direct
Implantation with Sharp Implanters

09:45-09:55 Levent Acar: Robopen

09:55-10:05 Evgeni Sharkov: FUE Hair
Transplant with Smartgraft

10:05-10:15 Ozgur Oztan Umut Ayoglu: Harvesting with the Bifurcated Punch

10:15-10:25  Christian Bisanga: Forceps implantation

10:25-10:30 Q & A

Hair Transplant Workup and Hairline Design

Chair: Jakub Miszczyk

09:05-09:15 Jakub Miszczyk: Anaesthesia in Hair Transplants

09:15-09.25 Ron Shapiro: Hairline Design

09:25-09:35 Krystallia Kyparissou: Potentially Problematic Patients

09:35-09:45 Christian Bisanga: Age, Family History, Past Medical History, Medications

09:45-09:55 Kavish Chouhan: Art & Science of Hairline & Vertex Designing

09:55-10:05 Thomy Kouremada: Consultations Stages

10:05-10:15 Q & A

Assistants workshop


  • Preparation and sorting of the grafts 
  • Graft care 
  • Graft collecting/harvesting
  • Graft Placement 
  • Surgical Assistance During Extraction and Implantation
  • Surgical Instrument Care

The workshop will include participation of highly experienced assistants/technicians from the teams of Dr. Bisanga, Dr. Venetsanos, Dr. Vekris, Dr. Kyparissou and Dr. Oztan clinics


Coffee Break

Chair: Tayfun Oguzoglu

10:40-10:50 Ali Emre Karadeniz: Lifetime Influence on the Donor Supply: FUE Vs. FUT

10:50-11:00 Christian Bisanga: Donor Evaluation Area

11:00-11:10 Sanusi Umar: New Universal FUE Donor Classification System and Implications to technology Performance

11:10-11:30 Tsvetalin Zarev: My approach to the donor area

11:30-11:40 Tayfun Oğuzoğlu: The Previously Harvested Donor Area

11:40-11:50  Q & A

Special Topics
Chair: Yaron Zenaty

10:50-11:00 Felix Popescu: Allotransplant, Surgery Protocol and Management

11:00-11:10 Yaron Zenaty: Post Surgery Care

11:10-11:20 Burak Tuncer: Unique Angle Method

11:20-11:30 Michael Rabin: Photomedicine to Treat Hair Loss

11:30-11:40 Sergio Luiz Camara Lopes: Surgical Repair following Tumor Excision and Radiotherapy

11:40-12:05 Q & A


Chair: Kuldeep Saxena

11:55-12:05 Kuldeep Saxena: Automated Implantation

12:05-12:15 Otavio Boaventura: Depth Control Study

12:15-12:25 Ozgur Oztan: Stick and place (video)

12:25-12:35 Shipu Zaman: DHI vs Premade Sites Vs Stick & Place

12:35-12:45 Tsvetalin Zarev: My approach to the recipient area

12:45-12:55 Ibrahim Jebai: Forceps Vs. Stick and Place 

12:55-13:05 Ron Shapiro: Options for the Recipient Sites

13:05-13:10 Q & A


Chair: Dawn Forshaw

12:05-12:15 Dawn Forshaw: Trichopigmentation

12:15-12:25 Hoeju Jeong: Scalp micro pigmentation

12:25-12:35 Giorgio Ottolini: 15 years of SMP

12:35-12:40 Q & A

Graft Management
Chair: Jakub Miszczyk

12:40-12:50 Hiram Abif Espinosa Custodio: Factors that influence the survival of follicular units using the F.U.E-DHI technique. Holding solutions and PRP

12:50-13:00 Kuldeep Saxena: How to reduce time during implantation

13:00-13:10 Q & A

Lunch Break

Medical Therapy, Diagnosis, and Monitoring

Chair: Murat Kucuktas

14:40-14:50 Erinda Kollcaku: Melanocytic Skin Cancers of the Scalp, Dermoscopy, Alphabet, Diagnosis, and Management

14:50-15:00 Murat Kucuktas: Cicatrical Alopecia: managing the hair transplant

15:00-15:10 Erinda Kollcaku: Melanocytic Skin Cancers of the Scalp, Review of Literature and Case Reports

15:10-15:20 Amalia Tsiatoura: Conservative treatments

15:20-15:30 Kavish Chouhan: Approach to Hair Transplantation in Cicatricial Alopecia

15:30-15:40 Miguel Marti: Antiandrogens in women with FAGA

15:40-15:50 Michael Rabin: Trichoscan and Florescent Dye Analysis to Measure Follicle Response to Treatment

15:50-16:05 Q & A

Patient Clinic
Chair: Anna Dubasova

14:40-14:50 Luca Ottolini: Patient Advisor: A Bridge Between Clinic and Patient

14:50-15:00 Spencer Stevenson (Spex): Emotional aspects of hair loss and creating trust with the patient "

15:00-15:10 Marco Bola Angoli: The role of Forums in Patient Communication

15:10-15:20 Nicolas Boulez & Ludger Mentrup: Alliance4Hair - Pan European Network

15:20-15:30 Leonardo D'Erasmo: The International Legal Protection of the Physician

15:30-15:40 Jakup Ayhan (JaccobM): Brandbuilding on YouTube for Hair Transplant Doctors and Clinics

15:40-15:50 Anna Dubasova: Digital Marketing Strategy-Long term and Short Term Trends

16:00-16:05 Q & A


Coffee Break

Special Topics
Chair: Besim Hajdari

16:15-16:25 Ekrem Civas: Hair Transplantation for other Alopecias

16:25-16:35 Besim Hajdari : How to Start FUE hair transplant as beginner (how would I teach myself in my start)

16:35-16:45 Otavio Boaventura : Long Hair FUE

16:45-16:55 Alex Gonzalez: Long FUE Hair Implantation in Eyebrows

16:55-17:05 Gounnaris George: Evolution of Surgical Hair Restoration

17:05-17:15 Felix Popescu : Performing a hair transplant on myself

17:15-17:25 Yiannis Venetsanos: Challenges of a junior doctor on hair transplantation

17:25-17:35 Q & A

Miscellaneous Topics
Chair: Ozlem Bicer

16:15-16:25  Felix Popescu: The Density in Reconstructive Surgery on Scars.  High or Low?

16:25-16:35 Vasia Birou: Trichology, Dermatology, Psychology. How are they connected?

16:35-16:45 Ibrahim Jebai: Rare complications in Hair Restoration Procedures

16:45-16:55 Lars Heitmann: Performing hair transplant surgery alone

16:55-17:05 Miri Aronov: Scaring Alopecias and Treatment

17:05-17:15 Ozlem Bicer: Approach to HIV Patient in Hair Transplant Surgery

17:15-17:25 Masullo Vincenzo: Transplant of beard with FUE

17:25-17:35 Myroslava Novosilska: Correction of Hair Loss in Women after Stress

17:35-17:45 Q & A


Friday, September 16, 2022

Main Hall : Parthenon Hall : Cyclades I-II Hall : Cyclades III

Regenerative Medicines
Chair: John Cole

08:00-08:15 Sophie Menkes: Nanofat, FIDIA PRP, and Regenera Multicenter Trial

08:15-08:30 John Cole: Lysed Platelets, Amniotic Membrane, Exosomes, and Adipose Stem cell effect on cultured dermal papilla

08:30-08:45 Jakub Miszczyk: Adipose derived stromal cells = a practical approach in a clinical setting

08:45-09:00 Shadi Zari: The Short-Term Efficacy of Autologous Cellular Micrografts in Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss: A Retrospective Cohort Study

09:00-09:15 Angelo Trivisonno: Importance of adipose to the hair follicle

09:15-09:30 Mehmet Faruk Yavuz:  Regenera Activa

09:30-09:45 Pietro Gentile: Regenerative Medicine in Hair re-growth: a review of his literature on PRP and Human Follicle Stem Cells use.

09:45-10:00 Angelo Trivisonno: Microfat and nanofat for hair loss

10:00-10:15 Ibrahim Jebai: Introduction to Nanofat:  Integrating fat grafting into your practice

10:15-10:30 Ryan Welter: PRP for SVF activation

10:30-10:45 John Cole: Platelet lysate

10:45-10:55 Q & A



Consultation workshop


  • Procedure review and preoperative diagnosis 
  • Patient Evaluation
  • Determination and calculation of donor Hair 
  • Planning recipient site
  • Hair line design 
  • Hair and scalp evaluation;
  • Long-term planning 
  • Post-surgery care

The workshop will include participation of highly experienced doctors from Dr. Bisanga & Team, Dr. Vekris & Team, Dr. Oztan & Team

Video Presentations

Chiara Insalaco: Topical Finasteride with Minoxidil

Carlos Calixto: Donor and Recipient Area

Arvind Poswal: Gene Therapy in HairLoss

Arika Bansal: Graft density and Yield

Chiara Insalaco: Mechanical Harvesting 

Arvind Poswal: Epigenetic Theory of Hair Loss

Arika Bansal: Vasa and Devroye Implanter

Sergio Vano Galvan: Oral minoxidil for hair loss

Tsvetalin Zarev: How I do it

Alan Baumann: Threads

Costas Giotis: Hair loss is a systematic disaster and requiresa systematic approach

Costas Giotis: DHI vs FUE vs FUT


Coffee Break

Regenerative Medicines Continuous 1
Chair: Ryan Welter

11:45-11:30 Hebert Lamblet: Autologous Fat Grafting preserving Adipose Derived Cells New Technologies and their impact on skin and hair care (part 1)

11:30-11:45 John Cole: Where did the Platelets Go?

11:45-12:00 John Cole: Microparticles, PRP, and ADMSC

12:00-12:15  Timur Veysel Dogruok: Microlyzer by T-LAB

12:15-12:30 Beatrice Sterodimas: BSL Enzymatic Digestion

12:30-:12:45 Ryan Welter: Healion SVF

12:45-13:05 Pietro Gentile: Potential Use of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Follicular Stem Cells in Patients Affected by Androgenetic Alopecia: Clinical and Instrumental Evaluation

13:05-13:25 Hebert Lamblet: Autologous Fat Grafting preserving Adipose Derived Cells New Technologies and their impact on skin and hair care (part 2)

13:25-13:45 Q & A

Lunch Break

Regenerative Medicines Continuous 2
Chair: Kavish Chouhan

15:15-15:30 Felix Popescu: Stem Cell Procedure

15:30-15:45 Timur Veysel Dogruok: Platelet Rich Plasma Preparation and Characterization for Better Clinical Outcomes

15:45-16:00 Ryan Welter: Cell Based Regenerative Therapies for Hair Loss

16:00-16:15 Timur Veysel Dogruok: A superior Non-Enzymatic SVF Isolation Protocol

16:15-16:30 Kavish Chouhan: A novel Approach to FUE: Bio Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant

16:30-16:45 Serli Canikyan: Regenerative Medicine Revolution in Progress

16:45-16:55 Q & A








Coffee Break

Regenerative Medicines Continuous 3
Chair: John Cole

17:15-17:30 Besim Hajdari: The use of i_PRF (Platelet Rich Firbtin) as holding solutions for grafts and Regenerative Medicine in Hair Loss Patients

17:30-17:45 Tayfun Oguzoglu: Regenera with Hair transplant

17:45-18:00 John Cole: Study Agenda + Study results

18:00-18:15  Hiram Abif Espinosa Custodio: Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) for donor extraction site healing

18:15-18:30 Panel Discussion on Study Results

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Hall : Cyclades I-II Hall : Cyclades III Advanced Hair Clinics BHR Clinic

Coffee Break

Live surgeries - Extraction

Sanusi Umar , Alex Gonzalez, Oguzoglu Tayfun: Body Hair
Transplantation, Long Hair FUE

Anastasios Vekris & his Team: FUE

Anastasios Vekris & Ozgur Oztan: Beard to Beard

Live surgeries - Implantation

Sanusi Umar , Alex Gonzalez, Oguzoglu Tayfun: Implantation by Forceps

Anastasios Vekris & his Team: Direct Implantation

Ibrahim Jebai & Oztan Ozgur's team: Forceps Vs. Stick and Place

Live surgeries - Implantation

Dawn Forshaw & Hoeju Jeong: Micropigmentation

Live surgeries - Extraction

BHR & Team: FUE

Evgeni Sharkov: Smart Graft

Live surgeries - Implantation

Christian Bisanga & BHR Team: Keep

BHR Team & Levent Acar: Motorised incision device: Robopen (small session)

Christian Bisanga: Eye Brows

Industry Symposium – Instruments and Devices

Chair: Shipu Zaman

11:00- 11:30 
Regena Activa - Alex González:
The combination of Hair Transplant with AMT-Regenera Activa

UGraft, Dr. U Clinic Lecture - Dr. Sanusi Umar:
The All-Purpose FUE Paradigm – Zeus (video)

Smart Graft -Cheryl Cox :
Innovations for Advanced Hair Restoration

COLE Instruments - Nikolas Cole:
Cole Instruments - Who we are and what we do  

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

Lasercap – Michael Rabin:
LaserCap Photomedicine for Hair Regrowth – Physician Overview

Tricholab- Hubert Łącki:
Technical aspects of trichoscopy examination.

Panel Discussion

Chair: John Cole


  • Hairline Design: good and bad
  • FUE vs. FUT
  • Placement of Grafts