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Welcome by the President of Maltese Association of Psychiatry

Merhba - Welcome

On behalf of the Maltese Association of Psychiatry, I welcome you all to our beautiful, sunny island Malta for this wonderful, and much anticipated WPA Thematic Conference: New Horizons in Psychiatric Practice: Creative Ideas and Innovative Interventions.

Our country, in the centre of the Meditterranean Sea, is the perfect place to reconnect, recharge and refocus on what we do best –care for those with mental disorder. Malta has history dating back to the 16th Century where the Knights of St John were the only Order that would accept mentally disordered patients into their Infermeries. Very early in the 17th Century, a hospital for mentally disordered women was opened by an Italian benefactor Caterina Scappi. The asylum built in 1861 to replace the overcrowded wards that had, by then, come about still functions today. As a country we are currently at a time of change - over the years mental disorders have been given less attention and maybe due to stigma brushed under the carpet.

As an association, MAP is constantly thriving to improve local standards through creative ideas and innovative interventions. MAP is currently working to bring the standards of mental health on par with physical health services both in terms of physical environment of our services, improve staffing and training. Furthermore the MAP are advisors to Malta Mental Health services management, advisors on the amendments being made to our mental health law and actively bringing the voice of the service user to the forefront of server development.

Our government has committed through a strategy plan 2020-2030 to build a new mental health hospital within the grounds of the physical health hospital. We are, therefore, in exciting and challenging times for mental health in Malta. This conference comes at a time when we need it most – to put into action the promises made, and come together with to listen to the latest evidence based research which we can then take back to the work place through innovation and change.

Best wishes

Dr. Nigel Camilleri
President of Maltese Association of Psychiatry

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