Travel Updates - Covid information

Travel Measures for Entering Greece

Following recent announcements by the Greek Government, entrance is allowed to passengers:

  • With nationality from EU countries and members of their family
  • With nationality from Schengen countries and members of their family
  • Third Country nationals as per travel documentation requirements (e.g., visa) and below COVID – 19 restrictions (check section COVID-19 Test or Vaccination or Recovery)
Important note: There is currently no quarantine requirement for entering Greece.

Passengers arriving to Greece from the EU & Schengen area, as well as from the thirty-five (35) non-EU countries that have joined the EU Digital Covid Certificate System (Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Benin, Cabo Verde, El Salvador, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Israel, Iceland, Jordan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Panama, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, The Vatican) are accepted provided that they display the EU Digital COVID-19 certificate, OR alternatively:

  1. To have completed the vaccination for coronavirus COVID-19 at least fourteen (14) days before scheduled arrival and to present a vaccination certificate valid up to nine (9) months following the administration of the last dose of the primary vaccination. The limitation does not apply to certificates for booster doses. -The certificate includes the full name of the passenger, as registered in the passport, the type of vaccine given, the number of doses and inoculation dates.
  2. To present proof of recovery from COVID-19, supported by a molecular test (PCR) or diagnostic Rapid Antigen test for COVID-19. The EU Digital Certificate of recovery is issued fourteen (14) days after the first positive diagnosis and is valid up to one hundred eighty (180) days there on.
  3. To display a negative molecular test (PCR) for COVID-19, up to 72 hours or a twenty-four (24) hour diagnostic Rapid Antigen test for COVID-19 (rapid test) prior to the scheduled flight.
Passengers arriving from all other countries are permitted to enter Greece under the condition that:
  • They display a negative molecular test (PCR) for covid-19, up to 72 hours before the scheduled arrival, or a twenty-four (24) hour diagnostic Rapid Antigen test for COVID-19 (rapid test) prior to the scheduled arrival.
The above obligations include children from the age of five (5) and above.
Passengers will be subjected to random COVID-19 diagnostic rapid tests upon arrival. Passenger may continue to their final destination. If found positive, a 5-day quarantine under supervision is required either at home or at a designated temporary residence assigned by the appropriate authorities. The quarantine period starts the next day of their positive diagnosis. Following the five (5) day period and if the symptoms have receded and the passenger is feverless for twenty-four (24) hours without the use of antipyretics, the passenger is released from quarantine. If the fever insists the passenger remains in isolation until the fever has fully receded. All above passengers are required to wear high protection breathing mask or alternately a combination of masks for at least five (5) days following their release from isolation.

Exempted from above requirements are:

  • Passengers in Transit (international flights and not leaving the airport premises)
  • Flight crew
All passengers entering Greece are ΝΟΤ required to fill in the Passenger Locator Form.

By the end of March most of the measures that apply to the vaccinated will have been lifted. Obviously, some will remain, such as masks and some distancing measures, which, however, do not affect normalcy.

Travel Measures for Departing from Greece

Before your departure trip please take the following actions:

  1. CHECK RESTRICTIONS: Visit this link from ΑΜΕΧ GBT, choose your destination country and get the latest travel restrictions.
  2. PLF FORM: Please check at least 48 hours before your flight if your destination country requires you to fill in a PLF form.
  3. COVID-19 TEST: Please check at least 48 hours before your flight if your destination country requires you to have a negative PCR COVID-19 or RAPID test certificate to be accepted on the flight.
  4. DOMESTIC TRAVEL: Travel from the mainland to the Greek islands with: a vaccination certificate OR a recovery certificate OR a PCR test (72 hours prior to travel) OR a rapid antigen test (48 hours prior to travel).

If you wish to take the rapid antigen test, we can offer you the option to take the test at your hotel or at Metropolitan Expo.
We can bill your antigen test together with your hotel reservation.