Villa Cagnola
Via Guido Cagnola, 21
21045 Gazzada Schianno, Varese, Italy
Tel: +390332461304

Villa Cagnola, with its XVIII-century Mansion and its modern structure with bedrooms, conference rooms and a restaurant with kitchen, is the ideal setting.

A private Art Collection, the 20 acres of English park and the Italian garden, with a breathtaking view over the Monte Rosa and the Lake of Varese, enrich its wide offer.

Villa Cagnola enjoys a wonderful view on the lake, the Alpine foothills, the Alps chain in the distance, with the majestic peaks of Monte Rosa.
The park joins the upper level where the Villa is located with the broad valley below, thanks to a structure enhancing its scenic aspects. It was rearranged by Carlo Cagnola who created the flowerbeds of the Italian garden and planned the woodland in the shape of the great romantic parks (1856-1860); which the current setting can be traced back to.
A complex system of avenues spreads from the Villa towards the park allowing you to take pleasant walks, fully immersed in the countryside.
In tune with the XIX century fashion which favored the massive introduction of exotic species to meet new fashionable botanical requirements and new landscape designs for the stately homes of pleasure, at Villa Cagnola you can admire monumental species of trees of majestic beauty.
The park is rich in plants of particular botanical importance. From the giant Cedar of Lebanon to the Sophora Japonica, from the cedars of the Himalayas and Atlas to the majestic group of Liriodendron Tulipifera, better known as tulip tree, as well as magnolias, plane trees, beech trees, Japanese maples, red oaks, Chamaecyparis, Calocedri, pine and redwood trees, Liquidambar from the US Atlantic coast, American oaks and majestic beech trees, the group of Fagus pendulus, American and Japanese maples.