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08:22 – 08:28
Welcome Address
Evi Lianidou, PhD, Professor of Analytical Chemistry – Clinical Chemistry, Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells lab, Dept of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece
Plenary Lectures 1: Liquid biopsy from CTCs to ctDNA
08:30 – 09:00 Liquid Biopsy: From Discovery to Clinical Application
Klaus Pantel, University Medical Centre Hamburg Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany
09:02 – 09:25 Circulating Tumor Cells: “Metastasis-Initiator Circulating Tumor Cells: One of the keys to understand the biology of the metastatic cascade”
Catherine Alix-Panabières, Laboratoire Cellules Circulantes Rares Humaines - LCCRH, Institut de Recherche en Biothérapie - IRB, Hôpital Saint-Eloi - CHRU Montpellier, France
09:27 – 10:06 Circulating tumor DNA: “Liquid Biopsy and early detection of cancer”
Nicholas Papadopoulos, Professor of Oncology and Pathology, Director of Translational Genetics, Ludwig Center for Cancer Genetics and Therapeutics, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA
Plenary Lectures 2: Liquid biopsy in the clinical setting: breast cancer
10:08 – 10:40 CTCs and ctDNA in breast cancer: translational research and real-world applications
Massimo Cristofanilli, MD, FACP, Professor of Medicine, Associate Director of Translational Research and Precision Medicine, Department of Medicine-Hematology and Oncology, Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, USA
10:42 – 11:09 Clinical applications of liquid biopsy in breast cancer management
Jean-Yves Pierga, MD, PhD, Professor of Medical Oncology, at the Institute Curie and University Paris Descartes, Paris, France
11:11 – 11:33 PREDICT – An Up-Date on the global pooled analysis on the relevance of early CTC monitoring in patients with advanced breast cancer
Wolfgang Janni, Medical Director of the Gynaecological University Hospital Ulm, University of Ulm, Germany
11:35 – 12:02 First results from the randomized phase III DETECT III trial regarding the efficacy of lapatinib in the treatment of patients with HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer and HER2-positive circulating tumor cells
Tanja Fehm, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf, Duesseldorf, Germany
12:04 – 12:30 Liquid biopsy enters the clinic: challenges ahead
Michail Ignatiadis, MD PhD, Assoc. Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Jules Bordet Institute Brussels, Belgium, Chair Breast Cancer Group EORTC
Plenary Lectures 3: Liquid biopsy in the clinical setting: lung cancer
12:32- 12:55 Personalised medicine for small cell lung cancer: is it getting closer?
Caroline Dive, University of Manchester, UK
12:57- 13:27 Clinical applications of Liquid biopsy in non-small cell lung cancer
Christian Rolfo, MD, PhD, MBA, Dr.hc., Professor and Assoc. Director for Clinical Research, Center for Thoracic Oncology, The Tisch Cancer Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Mount Sinai Health System, One Gustave Levy Place, Box 1079, New York, NY, 10029, USA
Plenary Lectures 4: Liquid biopsy in the clinical setting: Prostate, ovarian, head and neck cancer
13:30- 14:03 Liquid biopsy: latest advances in prostate cancer
Howard Scher, MD, Medical Oncologist, Co-Chair, Center for Mechanism Based Therapy; Head of the Biomarker Development Initiative; D. Wayne Calloway Chair in Urologic Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research, New York, NY, USA
14:05- 14:31 Clonal hematopoiesis (CHIP) mutations in liquid biopsies from solid tumors: A diagnostic dilemma
Emmanuel Antonarakis, MD, Associate Director for Translational Research and Director of Genitourinary Oncology in HOT Division, University of Minnesota–Masonic Cancer Center, USA
14:33- 15:02 Liquid biopsy in head and neck cancer
Amanda Psyrri, MD, PhD, Professor, University of Athens Medical School, Attikon University Hospital, Athens, Greece
15.04 – 15:33 Current challenges in ovarian cancer: Characterization of single circulating tumor cells and other liquid biopsy analytes for therapeutical approaches
Sabine Kasimir-Bauer, University Hospital of Essen, Essen, Germany
15:35 – 15:58 Precision Prevention and Cancer Interception: The New Challenges of Liquid Biopsy
María Jose Serrano Fernández, PhD, Scientific Director of Liquid Biopsies Division, Liquid Biopsies & Cancer Interception group, GENyO Centre/ Hospital Virgen de las Nieves, Granada, Spain
16:00 – 16:29 Analysis of large blood volumes: enhancing CTC-based liquid biopsies for research and clinical applications
Nikolas Stoecklein, Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany
Plenary Lectures 5: Liquid biopsies: Circulating tumor DNA analysis in clinical practice
16:31 – 16:57 The potential of ctDNA in clinical practice: From single gene to genome wide approaches
Helen Heitzer, Institute of Human Genetics, Diagnostic and Research Center for Molecular BioMedicine, Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria
16:59 – 17:34 Deciphering open chromatin regions and epigenetic traces from plasma DNA
Michael Speicher, Institute of Human Genetics, Medical University of Graz, Austria
17:37 – 18:04 Clinical Utility of Cell Free MicroRNA Signatures in Cancer Patients Plasma
Dave Hoon, Director Translational Molecular Medicine, SJCI PHS, Santa Monica CA, USA 
18:15 – 19:30 Q and A: Liquid Biopsy applications in Clinical practice
Moderator: Evi Lianidou, President Hellenic Society of Liquid Biopsy
All speakers
Closing remarks