ANGLE is a liquid biopsy company. Our Parsortix® technology* enables the capture and harvest of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from a simple blood draw. These cells have the potential to provide huge insight on the nature of a patient’s cancer prior to and throughout therapy.

The Parsortix® system captures the full range of cancer cells, including mesenchymal CTCs and CTC clusters. The enriched CTC fraction can be analysed by a range of downstream techniques – providing insight into protein expression, gene expression and DNA. The CTCs are alive and have the potential to be cultured.

ANGLE has in-house capability for multiplex gene expression analysis of enriched CTCs using its HyCEAD® technology*. Working with panels of up to 100 genes, the technology provides highly sensitive and robust expression data.

ANGLE has two clinical service labs (US and UK) which employ standardized workflows for analysis of CTCs and have the capability to develop custom CTC assays. The team is highly experienced in working with pharma and major research institutes to support clinical studies.

*For Research Use Only, Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures