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Wednesday, June 22, 2022
9:00 11:00

Workshop 1: CBT for the early stages of psychosis
(Group A)

Kate Hardy (USA)

Workshop 2: Initial treatment for psychosis: What are the main targets, and how can we face the greatest challenges
(Group A)

Philippe Conus (Switzerland)

11:00 13:00

Workshop 3: Supporting families and carers in the early phase of psychosis
(Group A)

Juliana Onwumere (United Kingdom)

Workshop 4: Managing antipsychotic discontinuation
(Group A)

Nico van Beveren (The Netherlands)
Marieke Begemann (The Netherlands)
Sanne Schuite-Koops (The Netherlands)
Franciska de Beer (The Netherlands)

13:00 14:00 INTERMISSION
14:00 16:00

Workshop 1:  CBT for the early stages of psychosis
(Group B)

Kate Hardy (USA)

Workshop 4: Managing antipsychotic discontinuation
(Group B)

Nico van Beveren (The Netherlands)
Marieke Begemann (The Netherlands)
Sanne Schuite-Koops  (The Netherlands)
Franciska de Beer (The Netherlands)

16:00 18:00

Workshop 3: Supporting families and carers in the early phase of psychosis
(Group B)

Juliana Onwumere (United Kingdom)

Workshop 2: Initial treatment for psychosis: What are the main targets, and how can we face the greatest challenges
(Group B)

Philippe Conus (Switzerland)

The IEPA Pre-Congress Workshops have been accredited by the World Psychiatric Association (WPA).
Each workshop has been accredited with 2 Continuing Professional Development credits.
Thursday, June 23, 2022
08:30-09:30 REGISTRATION
09:00-10:00 ORAL PRESENTATIONS SESSION 1: Early Intervention in psychosis I
Chairpersons: Maria Samakouri (Greece) - Andrea Raballo (Italy)

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ORAL PRESENTATIONS SESSION 2: Early Intervention in old age
Chairpersons: Dimitrios Kiosses (United States) - Nikos Scarmeas (Greece)

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SYMPOSIUM 1: IEPA Symposium: Intervention strategies for supporting people in the early stages of psychosis
(Organised by IEPA)

Chairpersons: Stefanos Dimitrakopoulos (Greece) - Swaran P. Singh (United Kingdom)

Kate Hardy: Current state of the evidence for CBT for psychosis
Juliana Onwumere: Evidence for providing families and carers with support during the early phase of psychosis
Marieke Begemann: Antipsychotic medication discontinuation and dose reduction - HAMLETT Trial

SYMPOSIUM 2: Early diagnosis of younger onset dementia in people with psychiatric presentations

Chairpersons: Dionisios Velakoulis (Australia) - Yolande Pijnenberg (The Netherlands)

Yolande Pijnenberg (The Netherlands): Differentiating FTD from psychiatric presentations
Alexander Santillo (Sweden): Current status of biomarkers in younger onset dementia
Dhamidhu Eratne (Australia): The role of neurofilament light levels in the neuropsychiatry clinic

Chairpersons: Venetsanos Mavreas (Greece) - Jai Shah (Canada)

Swaran P. Singh
(United Kingdom): Early Intervention in low-resource settings: luxury or necessity?

SYMPOSIUM 3: Early onset mood disorders: under-recognised and under-treated?

Chairpersons: Georgios Papadimitriou (Greece) – Edmond H. Pi (United States)

Allan Young (United Kingdom): Slow train coming: The onset of Bipolar Disorder
Jeniffer Dwyer (USA): Management of Pediatric Treatment-Resistant Depression: Advances and Challenges
Chris Davey (Australia): Early intervention for depression: Covering the spectrum of severity and complexity

SYMPOSIUM 4: Discrete versus Continuum Models of Schizophrenia and Psychosis: Current Status and Future Directions

Chairpersons: Jai Shah (Canada) - Sinan Gülöksüz (The Netherlands)

Laila Hasmi (The Netherlands): Can we really separate non-psychotic disorders from the Clinical High Risk for Psychosis phenotype?
Jai Shah (Canada): Timing, Distribution, and Relationship between Nonpsychotic and Subthreshold Psychotic Symptoms Prior to Emergence of a First Episode of Psychosis
Andrea Raballo (Italy): Between Utility and Descriptive density: A Clinical-Phenomenological Stance on the Discrete versus Continuum Models Debate

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SYMPOSIUM 5: Prevention and early detection of psychosis: where are we now?

Chairpersons: Olga Karpenko (Russia) - Andrea Raballo (Italy)

Andrea Raballo (Italy): Identifying psychosis earlier: the strategic role of primary care
Paolo Fusar-Poli (United Kingdom): Primary prevention of psychosis: achievements and challenges
Olga Karpenko (Russia): Secondary prevention in first episode psychosis

SYMPOSIUM 6: Stress and the continuum of disease development: A transdiagnostic target for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention

Chairpersons: George Chrousos (Greece) – Panagiota Pervanidou (Greece)

George Chrousos (Greece): The origins of Stress: Philosophical and historical concepts
Panagiota Pervanidou (Greece): Early life stress and its impact on childhood, adolescence and adulthood
Agorastos Agorastos (Greece): Stress System physiology and pathophysiology in disease development

16:00-16:30 KEYNOTE LECTURE 2
Chairpersons: Konstantinos Fountoulakis (Greece) - Danuta Wasserman (Sweden)

Christoph Correll (Germany/ USA): What is the effectiveness of early intervention services for people with psychosis

Chairpersons: Νikolaos Smyrnis (Greece) – Charalambos Papageorgiou (Greece)

Nikolaos Koutsouleris (Germany): Predictive data science in clinical application in mental health: where do we stand and where do we go from here?


SYMPOSIUM 7: Early detection and intervention in psychosis and clinical high risk states

Chairperson: Melissa Weibell (Norway)

Inge Joa & Jone Bjørnestad (Norway): Early detection and intervention in Clinical High Risk for psychosis and symptom-level predictors of course
Petros Drosos (Norway): One-Year Outcome and Adherence to Pharmacological Guidelines in First-Episode Schizophrenia
Wenche ten Velden Hegelstad (Norway): Dynamics of Duration of Untreated Psychosis in a widening mental health care environment


Friday, June 24, 2022

SYMPOSIUM 8: Novel evidence-based approaches to dementia prevention

Chairpersons: Αntonios Politis (Greece) - Dionisios Velakoulis (Australia)

Dimitris N Kiosses (USA): Emotion regulation  and problem-solving approaches to improve  mood, functioning, and cognition in older adults  with depression and cognitive deficits
Nikos Scarmeas (Greece): Mediterranean diet and cognition: epidemiology and mechanisms
Miia Kivipelto (Finland): Multidomain interventions for prevention and risk reduction of dementia: From FINGER to World-Wide FINGERS
Laura Baker (United States): Aerobic exercise to prevent cognitive decline and dementia: Is it worth the sweat?

SYMPOSIUM 9: Neurodevelopmental disorders: Early detection and intervention in vulnerable groups, from the antenatal period to childhood and adult life

Chairpersons: Covadonga Martinez Diaz-Caneja (Spain)

Laura Pina-Camacho (Spain): The PremTEA Project. Early detection of neurodevelopmental disorders in extremely preterm newborns: a four year follow-up study
Farah Ghosn: The Peristress Project. Early detection of neurodevelopmental disorders in babies born after a threatened preterm labor. From the antenatal period to early childhood
Mireia Solerdelcoll (United Kingdom): The ePrime Study. Early detection of neurodevelopmental disorders and phenotyping of the brain in very preterm newborns: from birth to young adult life

10:00-10:30 COFFEE BREAK
10:30-11:00 KEYNOTE LECTURE 4
Chairpersons: Merete Nordentoft (Denmark) – Nikos Stefanis (Greece)

Patrick McGorry (Australia): Early Intervention – Psychosis and Beyond


SYMPOSIUM 10: Decreasing or stopping antipsychotics: a neglected topic?

Chairpersons: Robin Murray (United Kingdom) – Ioannis Nimatoudis (Greece)

David Taylor (United Kingdom): Long-acting antipsychotic injections and treatment cessation
Merete Nordentoft (Denmark): How to identify the group of patients with schizophrenia who can manage without long term medication?
Stefan Leucht (Germany): Too low antipsychotic dose as a risk factor for a poor course of schizophrenia?

SYMPOSIUM 11: Hearing and vision support as a means of early intervention for older adults with memory impairment

Chairpersons: Leroi Iracema (Ireland) - Antonis Politis (Greece)

Antonis Politis (Greece): Hearing and vision deficits associated behavioural and psychiatric disturbances in dementia: An opportunity for early intervention to avoid drug therapy?
Chryssoula Thodi & Anna Palvina Charalambous (Cyprus): Developing a resource and knowledge toolkit to support professionals in early sensory interventions for older adults with cognitive impairment
Leroi Iracema (Ireland): Intervening early with hearing and vison support to improve outcomes for people with cognitive impairment

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13:30-15:00 ORAL PRESENTATIONS SESSION 3: EarlyIntervention in children and adolescents
Chairpersons: Katerina Papanikolaou (Greece) - Gerasimos Kolaitis (Greece)

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ORAL PRESENTATIONS SESSION 4: Early Intervention in psychosis II
Chairpersons: Sinan Gülöksüz (The Netherlands) – Christos Mantas (Greece)

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SYMPOSIUM 12: How do environmental and genetic risk factors shape the vulnerability for psychotic disorders?

Chairpersons: Edmond H. Pi (United States) – Alexandros Hatzimanolis (Greece)

Marta Di Forti (United Kingdom): Cannabis-associated psychosis: Is it worth modifying the environment if genes have such an important role? 
Sinan Gülöksüz (The Netherlands): The exposome of psychosis
Vangelis Vassos (United Kingdom): Combining genes and environment for risk prediction in psychiatry: progress and challenges

16:00-16:30 COFFEE BREAK

SYMPOSIUM 13: Ethics and personal meaning in patients with early onset psychosis

Chairpersons: Jim van Os (The Netherlands) – Valeria Pomini (Greece)

Ilina Singh (United Kingdom): Valued Outcomes and Identified Drivers of Change among Participants in the England Early Intervention in Psychosis Programme
Rosa Ritunnano (United Kingdom): Understanding delusional complexities in early psychosis: why meanings matter
Mathew Broome (United Kingdom): Μeaning in phenomenological psychopathology: the case of psychosis

SYMPOSIUM 14: Early intervention in neurodiverse children and adolescents

Chairpersons: Marinos Kyriakopoulos (Greece/United Kingdom) - Angela Hassiotis (United Kingdom)

Hassiotis Angela (United Kingdom): Evaluation of Parent Intervention for Challenging Behaviour in preschool children with severe intellectual disabilities (EPICC-ID): a randomised controlled trial
Konstantina Magklara (Greece): Specific developmental disorders: Early detection and intervention for children under 5 years in a community mental health centre in Greece 
Dominic Wrein (United Kingdom) & Marinos Kyriakopoulos (Greece/United Kingdom): The Autism and Intellectual Disability Intensive Intervention Team (AID-ITT): A novel approach to intensive intervention for adolescents at risk of inpatient admission

17:30-18:00 KEYNOTE LECTURE 5

Chairpersons: Patrick McGorry (Australia) - Paolo Fusar-Poli (United Kingdom)

Jim van Os (The Netherlands): Appreciating the complexity of psychosis as a target of prevention

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

SYMPOSIUM 15: ADHD: life-time continuity, serious mental illness, and genetics

Chairpersons: Argyris Stringaris (United Kingdom) – Dimitrios Anagnostopoulos (Greece)

Luis Augusto Rohde (Brazil): What is new on ADHD trajectories? From new patterns to prediction
Tobias Banaschewski (Germany): ADHD – neurobiological findings and their implications
Anita Thapar (United Kingdom): Recent research findings on young adult ADHD

SYMPOSIUM 16: Electrophysiological biomarkers and early intervention in neuropsychiatric disorders across the lifespan
(Organised by: WPA Section on Psychoneurobiology)

Chairpersons: Armida Mucci (Italy) - Bahar Güntekin (Turkey)

Bahar Güntekin (Turkey): Electrophysiological biomarkers of cognitive impairment in patients with Alzheimer disease: possible use in clinical trial
Armida Mucci (Italy): Electrophysiological biomarkers of functional impairment in schizophrenia, implication for early intervention
Annika Wienke (Germany): Impact of socio-economic status on infant oddball response

10:00-10:30 KEYNOTE LECTURE 6
Chairpersons: Stephan Leucht (Germany) – Constantin Soldatos (Greece)

John Kane (USA): The pharmacological treatment of schizophrenia: how far have we come?

10:30-11:00 KEYNOTE LECTURE 7
Chairpersons: Thomas Paparrigopoulos (Greece) – Leonidas Stefanis (Greece)

Petros Levounis (USA): Technological Addictions: The New Frontier in Addiction Psychiatry from Technology Natives to Technology Immigrants


SYMPOSIUM 17: Early Intervention in Psychosis: From promise to delivery and beyond

Chairpersons: Petros Lekkos (United Kingdom) - Lida-Alkisti Xenaki (Greece)

Silvana Galderisi (Italy): Negative symptoms in first-episode schizophrenia and in children/adolescents at ultra-high risk for psychosis
Paolo Fusar-Poli (United Kingdom): Precision medicine detection strategies to prevent psychosis
Merete Nordentoft (Denmark): How results of clinical trials can be implemented in clinical practice

SYMPOSIUM 18: Early intervention in bipolar disorders: problems and potential solutions
(WPA Section of Affective Disorders)

Chairpersons: Elizabeth Scott (Australia) - Jan Scott (United Kingdom)

Jan Scott (United Kingdom): Conceptualising and estimating duration of untreated bipolar disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis of data from around the world
Ian Hickie (Australia): Early intervention: right care right time
Elizabeth Scott (Australia): Optimising specialist care for young people with emerging bipolar disorders

12:00-12:30 BREAK
12:30-13:00 KEYNOTE LECTURE 8
Chairpersons: Nikos Stefanis (Greece) - Argyris Stringaris (United Kingdom)

Robin Murray (United Kingdom): A public health approach to the prevention of psychosis

13:00-13:30 Sum up open session on Early intervention ιn psychiatry across the life spa
Chairpersons: Afzal Javed (United Kingdom) - Nikos Stefanis (Greece)

Robin Murray (United Kingdom)
Argyris Stringaris (United Kingdom) 
Miia Kivipelto (Finland)
Eoin Killackey (Australia)