City of Athens

Athens is the oldest European capital. A unique combination of the old and the new, set up against a spectacular Mediterranean landscape; a world famous past; an exciting present: Ancient and brand new at the same time, Athens inspires and seduces its visitors, leaving its mark in their hearts and minds.
Athens is the historical capital of Greece with a recorded history dating back to 3,400 years ago. In antiquity, Athens was not only a powerful city state but also a center for the arts and philosophy, home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum. Democracy was born in Athens in the 5th century BC and the city is broadly known as the cradle of western civilization.
In modern times, Athens became the birthplace of modern Olympic Games, by hosting their first edition in the spectacular Panathinaikon Stadium, in 1896.
Today, Athens is the administrative, economic, political and cultural center of Greece and a cosmopolitan city with a geo-strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Its geographical position makes Athens a melting pot of different cultures, which have come together throughout its long history and still do so today. The monuments of the city represent the classical era as well as the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Next to the most famous landmark of Athens, the Parthenon, there are important monuments of the modern era (19th century) such as the Hellenic Parliament (ex- royal residence) and the Athens Trilogy which comprises the Academy of Athens, the Athens University and the Library of Greece.

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