List of Topics

Studies and projects in the modern Greek state
  • 1828-1945: Foundations and creation
  • 1946-1981: Growth dynamics
  • The current period: European convergence

The role of Greek consulting companies in the recovery of the country: The financial, legal and licensing framework
  • The Public Procurement Program for Design and Works
  • The challenge of design maturity in the projects of the Resilience and Recovery Fund (RRF)
  • The role of consulting firms in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Growth acceleration: Concession Projects - Innovative Proposals
  • The cooperation of Conculting - Construction Companies

The new cycle that opens: Green - Durable - Digital transition
  • Maintenance - monitoring of public infrastructure
  • National Strategic Transport Plan
  • Spatial and urban planning
  • Energy upgrade of the building stock
  • Addressing the effects of climate change & Infrastructure projects
  • Green - smart cities
  • Disaster management and infrastructure protection plans
  • Geospatial data and design
  • Rural Development projects
  • Solid waste - Circular economy
International markets and Greek consulting companies
  • European technical consulting firms in the international environment
  • Working worldwide with FIDIC
  • The EU’s Neighborhood, Development, and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI)
  • The Development of Extroversion of Greek technical and consulting companies
Organization of technical design - consulting companies
  • The new working arrangements of consulting companies in the post Covid era
  • Modern corporate management in technical design - consulting companies
  • The technological challenges: Cloud, BIM, Real-time data acquisition etc
  • The role of the NTUA Training and Lifelong Learning Center
  • Consulting Engineers' Skills Certifications: The example of FIDIC Certification for Global Consulting Professionals