Instructions for all Oral Presenters

Preparing & Submitting Your Virtual Presentation


Please take into consideration that it is very important to respect the time allocated to your presentation when preparing your video. Please make sure that your presentation is adjusted to the given length and does not exceed the allotted time.

There are several easily available video conferencing tools to create your presentation where you can simultaneously show your face via webcam as well as your slides while you are speaking.

You may also incorporate a video or animation, as long as you respect the allocated time.

The platforms we suggest you use to create your video are:

  • Zoom (strongly suggested)
  • PowerPoint: Create Voice Over PowerPoint and then Convert to MP4
  • Prezi
  • Screencast

Specifications for your video

 Keynote Lectures:  30-45 minutes
 Round table Presentations:  20-25 minutes
Oral Abstract Presentations:  12-15 minutes
Video format mp4
Resolution 720 pixels high x 1280 pixels wide is required for optimum image quality.
The video should not exceed 2Mbps and be encoded with H.264 to ensure smooth streaming.
Aspect ratio 16:9 widescreen (for your PowerPoint slides, you may use the conference template, also found HERE).
The suggested video layout is presenting both your face and shared content at the same time.

Your face should be at the top right corner of your screen (like a small window) and your content presented in full screen simultaneously. Put your PowerPoint presentation in Full Screen Slide Show mode (by clicking the F5 button on your keyboard), which will show the slides only in the PowerPoint window.

Tips for Recording

  • Use a quiet space with carpets, curtains and furniture to avoid echo sounds
  • Use a wired (ethernet cable) connection or a strong wifi connection.
  • Use a good headset with a microphone close to your mouth but away from the direct line of your mouth to avoid "pops".
  • We recommend that you do a test recording to ensure the quality of all your tools and your wanted result before recording the real presentation.

Submitting your Pre-Recoded Video Presentation

Presenters are required to upload their presentation as a single file in MP4 format named:
Presenter’s name (LAST_FIRST) and the Presentation Reference Number (i.e. SMITH_JOHN_105).

The deadline for submitting recorded video presentations is October 25th, 2021

For the pre-recorded video presentations to be verified by the technicians, there is considerable urgency in preparing and submitting your video as soon as possible and no later than the given deadline.


In case it is easier for you, you can submit your video via WeTransfer at