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Floods, Droughts and Climate Change (FDCC)

Short description on the session:
Prolonged periods of drought are heat waves increasing due to climate change. In many catchments around the world, there is a strong need to rethink current land-use and water management practices to face the increasing risk of drought and increased temperatures and their potential consequences for society. Nature-based Solutions are increasingly proposed as part of the solution to combat water management and climate challenges, including droughts and heatwaves. In this session we want to explore how NbS can be used as part of an Ecosystem based Approach for climate adaptation, serving as a basis for sustainably provisioning of Water, Energy and Food nexus goals while safeguarding equity and supporting better livelihood opportunities.

Ellis PENNING, Dr., Deltares, Email: ellis.penning@deltares.nl , Phone: +31883358468

Useful information: 
Duration of session:
2 hours
Duration of oral presentation: 15 minutes (12 presentation + 3 discussion)
Total number of presentations: 6 - 8
Length of abstract: 2 pages, following the template of the Congress
Special issue on a journal: Yes, by the Convener; it can be supported by the Organizing Committee