Session Chairs, Chairpersons, Speakers
and Poster Presenters

  1. Chairpersons and Speakers are requested to be in the session room 10 minutes before their session starts.

  2. Speakers/Presenters may check their presentation in the Speakers' Preview Room well in advance of their session, and contact the Technical support personnel or student helpers for assistance.

  3. Speakers/Presenters scheduled to present in the following Halls, which will be live-streamed and recorded via ZOOM, are required to upload their presentation in the Speakers’ Preview room, two hours before their session. The AV staff will be available to assist them as needed. Halls: BALLROOM, YPSILON II & III, YPSILON IV & V, APHRODITE II, APHRODITE III & IV, ATHENAEUM CONF. CENTRE

  4. Speakers are asked to respect the allocated presentation time as follows:
    Plenary Presentations: 45 minutes followed by 10 minutes discussion
    Keynote Presentations: 35 minutes followed by 5 minutes discussion
    Oral Presentations: 17 minutes followed by 3 minutes discussion
    Session Chairs must ensure that Chairpersons are in their place.
    Chairpersons should enforce the time to ensure that parallel sessions are synchronized. A countdown timer will be appearing on the podium screen to assist in observing the allotted time.

  5. Poster board dimensions are 120 cm (height) x 80 cm (width). The posters will be mounted on Wednesday, August 2nd, at the BALLROOM HALL (Level -2), before the session starts (08.00-09.00). The congress staff and student helpers shall provide double-sided tape and assist as needed. The Poster Number is indicated at the TOP of the board. It is strictly the presenter’s responsibility to remove their poster at the end of the session (not later than 14.00). The Congress staff bares no responsibility for lost posters.

Speakers’ Preview Room
The Speakers’ Preview facilities will be located in the EPSILON-ZETA Hall at the Congress Venue (Level -1) and can be used for seating, rehearsing, previewing. Speakers may report there at their earliest convenience and before their presentation time. The Speakers’ Preview facilities will be operating according to the schedule of the Congress Registration Secretariat.