Sponsored Sessions

Sunday ▪ May 8, 2016 Parallel Hall
(Salle 202)

Chairpersons: M. Zerah (France), K.A. Dowling (USA), L. May (United Kingdom)
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15:30-15:35 OpeningK.A. Dowling (USA)
Welcome M. Zerah (France)
15:40-16:10 NS01: Craniophagus twins: when to separate and when not toJ.T. Goodrich (USA)
 16:10-16:25 NS02: The health related quality of life of  parents of children with chronic disease L. May (United Kingdom)
NS03: Gait changes in children with lipomaL. Alderson (United Kingdom)
 16:40-16:55 NS04: Sedation in the neurosurgical patient M. Stevenson (USA)
 16:55-17:15 Coffee break
 17:15-17:30 NS05: Management of cranial vault remodelingM. Bouzi (USA)
 17:30-17:45 NS06: Management of complex hydrocephalus with telemetric shunt reservoir readings, challenges and future strategies J. Preston (United Kingdom)
 17:45-18:00 NS07: Post-operative care of a cranial vault remodelling patient in the pediatric intensive care unitK. Darlestin (USA)
 18:00-18:15 NS08: Repair of occipital encephalocele: a case study in pediatric patient safety in the operating roomE.K. Uy (USA)
 18:15-18:30 NS09: Encephalocele: implications for operating room nurses J.Y. Glynn (USA)
NS10: Craniopagus twins: road to separation, pre-op management K.A. Dowling (USA)
 18:45-19:00 Discussion

Monday ▪ May 9, 2016 Plenary Hall
(Salle Moebius)
Evolution and application of PIEZOSURGERY® in Pediatric Neurosurgery

Moderators: L. Massimi (Italy), A.M. Messing-Jünger (Germany), C. Mottolese (Italy)
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12:15-12:25 Introduction to PIEZOSURGERY® technology: Mectron, Rome’s experience L. Massimi (Italy)
Introduction to PIEZOSURGERY® technology: Mectron and spine surgeryA.M. Messing-Jünger (Germany)
Introduction to PIEZOSURGERY® technology: Newest piezoosteotomy tools in Neurosurgery C. Mottolese (Italy)
Hands-on presentation