Poster Presentations

Session 1: Spinal dysraphism & Session 3: Spine

PP01 | Shortening vertebrotomy for recurrent tethered cord syndrome in children
K. Sysoev, E. Khodykin, E. Ulrich, W. Khachatryan (Russia)

PP02 | Clinical outcomes in children with caudal, dorsal and transitional lumbosacral lipoma
L. May, A. Kucznski, D. Thompson, J. Wray (United Kingdom)

PP03 | Multiple hereditary osteochondromatosis with spinal cord compression: a case report
O. Garcia, J. Mireles, N. Sanchez, M. Chagolla, S. Orozco, P. Silva (Mexico)

PP04 | Structural-molecular changes in lymphocytes in children with congenital disorders of the central nervous system
P. Plavskyi, T. Malysheva, D. Bezruchko, S. Andreev, O. Chernenko, V. Vaslovych, O. Ivanova, A. Shmeleva (Ukraine)

PP05 | Anterior intradural tumors of spine in children: endoscopy guided resection with neurophysiological monitoring by posterior approach
R. Gepp, M. Sainz, E. Comerlato (Brazil)

PP06 | Foramen magnum stenosis in patients with achondroplasia
K.S. Đurić, I. Pašalić, J. Nemir, M. Rožanković, S. Huljev, M. Cvitković, H. Jednačak (Croatia)

PP07 | Atypical myelomeningocele associated with prominent vascularity
J. Pavaine, A. Rossi, A. Cama (United Kingdom & Italy)

PP08 | Composite type of split cord malformation: report of 2 cases and literature review
Y. İzci, C. Kural (Turkey)

PP09 | Open spinal dysraphism associated with diastematomyelia: report of 2 pediatric patients
Y. Izci, C. Kural, Ö. Tehli (Turkey)

PP10 | Kyphosis and angulation developed after surgery – Cervical intramedullary mass resection
Ö. Tehli, C. Kural, M.C. Ezgu, M.I. Ozer, Y. Izci (Turkey)

PP11 | An unusual cause of cyclical vomiting syndrome
W. White, V. Bagga, D. Campbell, A. Hart, H. Zaki, S. Sinha, J. McMullan, S. Ushewokunze (United Kingdom)

PP12 | Cervical traumas in young population during sport activities – Radiological evaluation
Ν. Syrmos, A. Mylonas, G. Gavridakis (Greece)

PP13 | Thoracic spine traumas in young population during sport activities – Radiological evaluation
Ν. Syrmos, A. Mylonas, G. Gavridakis (Greece)

PP14 | Lumbar spine traumas in young population during sport activities – Radiological evaluation
Ν. Syrmos, A. Mylonas, G. Gavridakis (Greece)

Session 2: Advances in pediatric head trauma management

PP15 | Pediatric ischemic stroke after head trauma
P. Barrio Fernández, J. Pérez Suárez, J. Ibáñez Plágaro, J. Fernández Fernández (Spain)

Session 4: Pediatric Neurosurgery and Technology

PP16 | Phenotypical characterization of microglia in the subventricular zone after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia in rat
U. Fisch, C. Bregere, L. Chicha, R. Guzman (Switzerland)

PP17 | The iSys1® robot reduces entry and target point errors in navigation-guided frameless stereotactic implantation of depth electrodes in children with therapy-refractory epilepsy
C. Dorfer, H. Stefanits, G. Minchev, A. Mert, G. Kornreif, S. Wolfsberger, T. Czech (Austria)

PP18 | A new device (SecurAcath®) to secure external CSF catheters to the skin: technical note and preliminary experience
P. Frassanito, L. Massimi, G. Tamburrini, F. Pignotti, E. Peppucci, M. Caldarelli (Italy)

PP19 | Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring in pediatric patients with tethered cord and myelomeningocele
Y. Izci, Y. Kaçar, C. Kural (Turkey)

PP20 | Neonatal posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus ventricular-subarachnoid stenting
O. Volkodav, S. Zinchenko (Russia)

PP21 | Intracerebral hemorrhages subgaleal ventricular-subarachnoid stenting in premature newborns
O. Volkodav, S. Zinchenko (Russia)

PP22 | Cysto-ventricular-subarachnoid stenting in newborns with benign intracranial cysts
S. Zinchenko, O. Volkodav, L. Korsunskaya, S. Abibulayev (Russia)

PP23 | Myelomeningocele and rachischisis in premature newborns
S. Zinchenko, O. Volkodav, L. Korsunskaya, S. Abibulayev, V. Molchanov (Russia)

PP24 | Delayed hematomyelia in an expansive cervical-thoracic syrinx in a young child: another pitfall in the treatment of Chiari malformation
C. Jr Greene, L. McBride, D. Sure (USA)

PP25 | Super-selective amytal injection (Wada test) in left sided parieto-insular epilepsy
H.A.M. Viltard, S. Vieker, Y. Parpaley, A. Weber, J. Wellmer, M. von Lehe (Germany)

PP26 | Pathological and ultrastructural findings in focal cortical dysplasia obtained from 7 pediatric surgical cases with refractory epilepsy
P. Pérez-Borredá, R. Conde-Sardón, V. Villanueva-Haba, A. Gutiérrez-Martín, C. Botella-Asunción, J.M. García-Verdugo (Spain)

PP27 | Seizure control and clinical outcome after peri-insular hemispherotomy for refractory epilepsy in childhood and adolescence
V. Baro, A. Bartoli, S. Momjian, K. Schaller (Switzerland)

PP28 | Our first experience with intrathecal administration of baclofen to patient with Hunter syndrome
M. Petrík, D. Dúbravova, V. Bzduch, J. Hornová, F. Horn (Slovak Republic)

PP29 | Focus on pediatric neurocysticercosis: about 3 cases
E. Mazerand, L. De Gentile, S. Gueden, P. Menei, M. Delion (France)

PP30 | Complete endoscopic resection of a giant colloid cyst in a child
N. Kalyal, J. Tailor, S. Bassi, C. Chandler, B. Zebian (United Kingdom)

PP31 | Spontaneous intracranial epidural hematoma in sickle cell anemia: case report
H. Aboueleneein, M. Abdelrahman, A. Fouda, A. Assiri, F. Al Hamied, M. Ismail (Saudi Arabia)

PP32 | Intracranial aspergillosis in a patient with leukemia
Y. Izci, C. Kural, Ö. Tehli (Turkey)

PP33 | Early postoperative magnetic resonance imaging is not predictive for multiple intracranial abscesses in children
Y. Izci (Turkey)

PP34 | Craniofacial bioactive bone reconstruction particularly for kids below 5 years of age
A. Brentrup (Germany)

PP35 | Endoscopic monoportal resection of intraventricular choroid plexus papilloma in an infant
A. Gerard, B. Zebian, J. Tailor, Â. Bravo, A. Kugisaki, S. Bassi, C. Chandler (United Kingdom)

PP36 | Infected cephalhematoma: case report and review of the literature
S. Ashworth, A. Kugisaki, E. Maratos, A. Bravo, J. Calado, S. Bassi, C. Chandler, B. Zebian (United Kingdom)

PP37 | OEIS complex: case report
N. Tighilt, S. Bakhti, Y. Benmouma, N. Boumahdi, M. Djennas (Algeria)

PP38 | Spiritualism and medicine
A.K. Mahapatra (India)

Session 5: Oncology

PP39 |
Epidemiological study of pediatric brain tumors in Ukraine before and after Chernobyl disaster
A. Shaverskyi, L. Verbova, L. Marushchenko, P. Plavskyi, I. Protsenko, M. Plavskyi, A. Svyst, V. Muhaluk, A. Agladze (Ukraine)

PP40 | Desmoplastic non-infantile ganglioglioma: a rare case of malignant transformation
N. Smith, B. Zebian, B. Thakur, M. Aizpurua, A. Calado Bravo, S. Al-Saraj, S. Bassi, C. Chandler (United Kingdom)

PP41 | Anti-tumorigenic effect of galectin-3 inhibition in glioblastoma culture cells
R. Santos de Oliveira, E. Latorraca (Brazil)

PP42 | From childhood to adolescence: vulnerable period in the follow up of tuberous sclerosis
P. Barrio Fernández, D. Santamarta Gómez, J. Pérez Suárez (Spain)

PP43 | Results of treatment of cerebellar medulloblastoma in children
A. Shaverskiy, V. Morgun, L. Marushchenko, I. Protsenko, L. Verbova, R. Gavrish (Ukraine)

PP44 | Medulloblastoma: a clinicopathological correlation of WNT/β-catenin pathway status and clinical outcome
S. Ndoro, J. Caird, D. Crimmins (Ireland)

PP45 | Sinonasal adenocarcinoma involving the anterior skull base: an exceptional entity in the pediatric population
P. Puerta, A. Guillén, F.S. Mariño, E. Ferrer, A. Morales, J. Muchart, M. Suñol, J.L. Llorente, L. Suárez, M.A. Hermsen (Spain)

PP46 | Obstructive hydrocephaly caused by tumors of III ventricle in pediatric patients. Endoscopic surgery for hydrocephaly and histological verification of the tumors
V. Mykhalyuk, P. Plavskyi (Ukraine)

PP47 | Preoperative embolization as treatment adjunct of a choroid plexus carcinoma in an 8-month-old child
D. Forte, A. Sagarribay Irañeta, J. Pamplona, I. Fragata, M. Correia, M. Matos (Portugal)

PP48 | Cerebellopontine angle nerve hemangioma in a neonate
D. Forte, A. Sagarribay Irañeta, E. Torres, M. Correia, M. Matos, C. Conceição, E. Calado, M. Mafra (Portugal)

PP49 | Pediatric cerebellar glioblastoma – A case report
V. Bagga, V. Lee, P. Ince, S. Sinha (United Kingdom)

PP50 | The melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy – A rare tumor within the first year of life
F. Andrade, F.R.G. Cabral-Vasconcelos, D.D. Cardeal, H. Matushita (Brazil)

PP51 | Frameless biopsy of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) provides viable tumor cells for culture
A. Guillén, N. Gene-Olaciregui, S. Paco, P. Puerta, M. Suñol, C. de Torres, O. Cruz, J. Mora, A. Morales La Madrid, A.M. Carcaboso (Spain)

PP52 | Tactics of thalamic tumor surgery in children
P. Plavskyi, M. Plavskyi, O. Voloshchuk, A. Agladze, G. Ruslan (Ukraine)


PP54 |
Pediatric brain tumors in the first three years of life: a review of 541 cases
A. Shaverskyi, L. Verbova, L. Marushchenko, P. Plavskyi, I. Protsenko, M. Plavskyi, A. Svyst, V. Muhaluk, A. Agladze (Ukraine)

PP55 | Comparison of two isotonic solutions during brain tumor ressection in pediatric patients: a pilot-study
M. Lima, I. Neville, S. Cavalheiro, P. Dastoli, D. Bourguignon, S. Teruya, L.E. Martins, A. Lourencatto, B. Deliberatto, L.M. Malbouisson (Brazil)

PP56 | A pilocytic astrocytoma showing de novo anaplastic transformation
M.I. Ozer, C. Kural, M.C. Ezgu, Ö. Tehli, Y. Izci (Turkey)

PP57 | Structural features of brain tumors in children of different age groups and structural criteria for individualized treatment
T. Malysheva, P. Plavskyi, A. Svyst, A. Shaversky, Y. Orlov (Ukraine)

PP58 | Surgery for posterior fossa tumors in children
J.W.J. Bizzi, A. Bedin (Brazil)

PP59 | Central nervous system tumors under two years of age: a single institution experience
A. Sagarribay, D. Forte, L. Fonseca, P. Branco, G. Novais, M. Correia, M. Matos, L. Matos, M. Oliveira, S. Nunes, D. Salgado, M. Mafra, C. Conceição (Portugal)

PP60 | U-shaped dural opening for posterior fossa lesions and Chiari malformations in children
R. Da Silva Freitas, C. Kural, M.U. Schuhmann (Germany)

PP61 | Diffuse cerebellar swelling in high-risk medulloblastoma patients. Is posterior fossa decompression really needed?
P. Gallo, K. Jothy, K. Chandrasekhar, D. Sokol, M. Brougham (United Kingdom)

PP62 | 2 years old child with a giant low grade glioma
Ö. Tehli, C. Kural, M.C. Ezgu, M.I. Ozer, Y. Izci (Turkey)

PP63 | Evaluation and management of lumbosacral myelomeningoceles in children
C. Kural, M.I. Ozer, M.C. Ezgu, Ö. Tehli, Y. Izci (Turkey)

PP64 | Brainstem ganglioglioma associated with status epilepticus: case report
W. Gump (USA)

PP65 | Pediatric patient with a cerebellar mass which is extended to the cervical canal
Y. Izci, Y. Kaçar, C. Kural (Turkey)

PP66 | Intramedullary teratoma in a child
N. Tighilt, S. Bakhti, F. Terkmani, Y. Benmouma, M. Djennas (Algeria)

PP67 | Intraventricular schwannoma in children
J.W.J. Bizzi, A. Bedin, C.B. Bleil, L.B. Caetano (Brazil)

PP68 | Suprasellar mature teratoma
J. Nemir, K.S. Đurić, M. Rožanković, N. Rojnić-Putarek, Z. Gužvinec, I. Lehman, H. Jednačak (Croatia)

PP69 | Multiple brain abscesses mimicking brain neoplasms
A. Canheu, M. Lehmann, A. Dias Marcos, L. Koury, H. Galles Marcos, R. Parente Neto, T. Monte Raso, L. Penzo, F. Da Silva, P.H. Pires De Aguiar (Brazil)

Session 6: Neurovascular management

PP70 |
Postnatal delayed exacerbation of prenatally diagnosed dural sinus malformation
K. Mizutani, M. Tomoru, A. Takenori, K. Tokunori, N. Hideaki, M. Kei, N. Yasunari, Y. Kazunari (Japan)

PP71 | Complete resolution of Chiari malformation and syrinx after treatment of a cerebral posterior fossa arterio venous malformation: case report
P.-H. Pretat, S. Bracard, O. Klein (France)

PP72 | Hemorrhagic cavernous malformations in children younger than 3 years – An increased risk?
P. Branco, L. Fonseca, G. Novais, D. Forte, A. Sagarribay, M. Correia, M. Matos (Portugal)

Session 7: Craniofacial surgery

PP73 |
Temporal fascia flap and orbitoplasty for orbital reconstruction in case of severe microphthalmia
R. Conde-Sardon, E. Lopez, P. Gutierrez, E.M. Villaverde, P. Perez-Borreda, C. Botella (Spain)

PP74 | Parietal osteogenic distraction treatment of secondary chronic intracranial hypertension in children operated for scaphocephaly
G. Pech-Gourg, A. Gallucci, N. Chivoret, D. Scavarda (France)

Session 8: Intraoperative neuromonitoring

PP75 | A single center experience in intraoperative neuromonitoring
D. Benderbous (Egypt)

Session 9: Hydrocephalus

PP76 | Neuroendoscopy and optical phenomena in the Dutch golden age painting: an aesthetic and physical correlation
W. Azab (Kuwait)

PP77 | Historical evolution and current surgical techniques of endoscopic choroid plexus coagulation
W. Azab, Radovan Mijalcic (Kuwait)

PP78 | Herbal medicine today: clinical and research issues
M. Taqee Ansari (India)

PP79 | Pediatric hydrocephalus and its treatment – An analysis of 476 cases
E. Januschek, N. Evertz, A. Röhrig, S. Kunze, M. Messing-Jünger (Germany)

PP80 | Pediatric hydrocephalus: factors related to shunt survival in a single institution
S. Iglesias Moroño, B. Ros Lopez, A. Martin Gallego, A. Carrasco Brenes, F. Rius Diaz, M.A. Arraez Sanchez (Spain)

PP81 | Management of complex hydrocephalus with the help of telemetric shunt reservoir pressure readings – Challenges and future strategies. A case study
J. Preston, P. Sinha, J. McMullan, H. Zaki, S. Ushewokunze, S. Sinha (United Kingdom)

PP82 | Slit ventricle syndrome: diagnosis and clinical management
A. Silva Neto, C. Garcia, G. Marcelino, V. Almeida, D. Ferreira (Brazil)

PP83 | Semiology of dysfunction of ventriculo-peritoneal shunting in children – A review
E. Neiter, C. Guarneri, P.-H. Pretat, A. Joud, J.-C. Marchal, O. Klein (France)

PP84 | Intradiploic growing skull fracture: review of mechanisms and literature
L. Le Fournier, P.-L. Henaux, C. Haegelen, M. Proisy, L. Riffaud (France)


PP86 | Intra-peritoneal sheath formation after ventriculo-peritoneal shunt in a patient with Shprintzen-Goldberg syndrome
M. Kato, S. Kato, D. Shiraishi, H. Osawa (Japan)

PP87 | Symptomatic spinal arachnoid cysts in pediatric patients
M. Gjurasin, A. Tripalo Batos, V. Djuranovic, P. Miklic, T. Grmoja, L. Popovic (Croatia)

PP88 | The isolated fourth ventricle: surgical treatment. Review of the literature and a report of six cases
A. Silva Neto, C. Garcia, G. Marcelino, V. Almeida, D. Ferreira (Brazil)

PP89 | Combined technique (endoscopic and shunting) for the treatment of posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus in children
Y. Izci, C. Kural, Ö. Tehli (Turkey)

PP90 | The invisible cyst: triventriculomegaly due to third ventricular ependymal cyst
A. Pandit, M. Imran, N. Kalyal, J. Jarosz, A. Gontsarova, I. Bodi, A. King, S. Bassi, C. Chandler, B. Zebian (United Kingdom)

PP91 | Use of gravitational shunts in the treatment of pediatric hydrocephalus. A single centre experience
C. Chamilos, S. Sgouros (Greece)

PP92 | What shunts must be used in children with hydrocephalus?
D. Zinenko, A. Shramko, E. Berdichevskaya, M. Vladimirov, F. Khafizov (Russia)