Flash Presentations

Session 1: Spinal dysraphism

FP001 | The health related quality of life of children with lumbosacral lipoma
L. May, A. Kucznski, J. Wray (United Kingdom)

FP001B | Congenital neural tube defects evaluation in newborns with prenatal Zika virus infection
T. de Paiva Cavalcante, J.J.G. de Campos, M. Ribeiro de M. Freire, F. Gonzaga Ferreira, G. Henrique Barboza, T. Lorena de R. Ferreira, E. de Freitas M. Teodoro, R.M. Morias (Brazil)

FP002 | Postnatal repair of myelomeningocele – A method of the past?
E. Januschek, A. Röhrig, S. Kunze, C. Fremerey, B. Wiebe, M. Messing-Jünger (Germany)

FP003 | Identification of cellular, molecular, and imaging clues for tethered cord development in the context of lipomyelomeningocele
G. Cohrs, B. Kowitzke, I. Leuschner, M. Synowitz, J. Held-Feindt, F. Knerlich-Lukoschus (Germany)

FP004 | Lessons learned after 160 fetal surgeries for myelomeningocele
S. Cavalheiro, A. Moron, I. Suriano, M. Barbosa, P. Dastoli, H. Milani, J. Mendonça, S. Sarmento, T. Sibov, M. Devanir, S. Salu (Brazil)

FP005 | Avoiding complications in kyphectomy in myelomeningocele patients: technical changes
R.A. Gepp, M.R.S. Quiroga, C.R. Gomes, H.J. Araújo (Brazil)

FP006 | Nurse led care of MDT clinic for children with spina bifida
L. May, L. Alderson (United Kingdom)


FP008 | The neurenteric canal: why it is important to revisit embryology before ascribing malformations to normal structures?
M. Catala, M. Zerah (France)

FP009 | Philosophy for management of split cord malformation
A.K. Mahapatra (India)

FP010 | Surgical treatment of congenital split cord malformation
A.-J. Shang (China)

FP011 | Split cord malformation: clinical experience
M.C. Ezgu, C. Kural, M.I. Ozer, O. Tehli, Y. Izci (Turkey)

FP012 | Stem cells from different fetal tissues: isolation and characterization by comparative study of expression of some pluripotent markers
T. Sibov, L. Pavon, L. Marti, D. Oliveira, A. Moron, S. Cavalheiro (Brazil)

Session 2: Advances in pediatric head trauma management

FP013 | Prognostic value of leucocytosis in pediatric traumatic brain injury
S. Mukherjee, B. Ramakrishna, G. Sivakumar, J. Goodden, A. Tyagi, P. Chumas (United Kingdom)

FP014 | Perforating brain injuries in children – Protocol of management from civilian practice
K. Sil, S. Chatterjee (India)

FP015 | Cranial burst fracture in infants – An uncommon injury
S. Chatterjee (India)

FP016 | Decompressive craniectomy for severe traumatic brain injury in pediatric patients
K. Usami, J. Montmayeur, T. Blauwblomme, K. Beccaria, G. Paternoster, T. de Saint Denis, P. Meyer, C. Sainte-Rose, M. Zerah, S. Puget (France)

FP017 | Transcranial ultrasonography in pediatric patient with traumatic brain injury
M. Talabaev, E. Mironetc, K.F. Venegas Hidalgo (Belarus)

Session 3: Spine

FP018 | Spinal kyphotic deformity after laminoplasty in children
C. Chamilos, S. Sgouros (Greece)

FP019 | Surgical treatment and curative effect analysis in 326 children with tethered cord syndrome
A.-J. Shang (China)

FP020 | Cerebellar tonsil resection for treatment of Chiari I malformation in children
B. Braga, D. Swift (USA)

FP021 | Minimally invasive spine surgery techniques in children
M. Tichy, J. Steindler, R. Lesko (Czech Republic)
FP022 | Urodynamic outcomes of detethering in children: experience with 46 pediatric patients
M. Geyik, S. Geyik, H. Şen, S. Pusat, M. Alptekin, A.E. Yılmaz, M. Nazik, I. Erkutlu, Y. Izci (Turkey)

Session 4: Pediatric Neurosurgery and Technology

FP023 | Intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging in pediatric neurosurgery: safety and utility
M. Giordano, A. Samii, A. Lawson Mclean, H. Bertalanffy, R. Fahlbusch, M. Samii, C. Di Rocco (Germany)

FP024 | Medico-legal issues and claims that may arise following fetal surgery
W.T. Seow (Singapore)

FP025 | Electronic patient-doctor communication: exploring needs and requirements of pediatric neurosurgeons and patients
N. Klein Essink, M. van Bilsen, E. van Lindert, Dutch Pediatric Neurosurgery Society (the Netherlands)

FP026 | Motor plasticity in the human cerebellum: an electrophysiological and behavioral study
P.-A. Beuriat, C. Mottolese, N. Richard, A. Szathmari, F. Di Rocco, B. Grassiot, A. Sirigu, M. Desmurget (France)

FP027 | Frameless stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) in children: a pediatric series from a unique center
D. Scavarda, A. Trebuchon, M. Milh, G. Pech-Gourg, A. Lepine, N. Villeneuve, N. Girard, F. Bartolomei (France)

FP028 | Early implantation of vagal nerve stimulation in children
J. Soleman, C. Knorr, C. Schneider, A. Datta, S. Strozzi, G. Ramelli, L. Mariani, R. Guzman (Switzerland)

FP029 | Pediatric epilepsy surgery – A single surgeon’s experience
C. Pringle, V. Josan (United Kingdom)

FP030 | Selective dorsal rhizotomy – The Leeds experience over our first 60 cases
J.R. Goodden, A. Musson, K. McCune, K. Davis, I. Smith, M. Clarke, R. Lodh (United Kingdom)

FP031 | Rational of optic nerve decompression in optic nerve injury
A.K. Mahapatra (India)

FP032 | Surgical treatment of intraventricular hemorrhage in newborns
I. Protsenko, L. Marushchenko, M. Marushchenko (Ukraine)

FP033 | A method for the creation of normative pediatric skull models: a pilot study
M. Tolhuisen, G. de Jong, J. Meulstee, F. van der Heijden, H. Delye (the Netherlands)

FP034 | Neonatal hypoxia ischemia in rat disrupts the developmental time course of doublecortin release in the cerebrospinal fluid
C. Bregere, U. Fisch, S. Lieb, M. Sailer, L. Chicha, F. Goepfert, T. Kremer, R. Guzman (Switzerland)

Session 5: Oncology

FP035 | 5ALA use in pediatric brain tumors
J. Roth, S. Constantini (Israel)

FP036 | Immunohistochemical evaluation for the pathogenesis of intracranial germ cell tumors: expression of pluripotency and cell differentiation markers
T. Miyagawa, H. Murai, Y. Iwadate, N. Saeki (Japan)

FP037 | Medulloblastoma DAOY cell line: advances in proteome characterization
L. D'Angelo, G. Tamburrini, L. Massimi, P. Frassanito, C. Martelli, M. Barba, F. Iavarone, C. Di Rocco, W. Lattanzi, M. Castagnola, M. Caldarelli, C. Desiderio (Italy & Germany)

FP038 | Immunohistochemical analysis of Galectin-3 in gliomas: a tissue microarray study with a comparison of three commercial antibodies targeting different epitopes
R. Santos de Oliveira, B. Riedo Zanetti, I. Martins, D.L. Chesca, B.O. Colli, C.G. Carlotti Jr, H.R. Machado, L. Neder (Brazil)

FP039 | Intra-CSF drug delivery for the treatment of leptomeningeal metastases: patient selection and risk profile
I. Jalloh, M. Cartmill, M. Vloeburghs, T. Jaspan, S. Wilne, R. Grundy, D. Walker, D. Macarthur (United Kingdom)

FP040 | Antero lateral brainstem gliomas: our surgical experience with the posterior petrosal approach in 10 children
U. Barcik, F. Carceller Benito, J. Saceda (Spain)

FP041 | A report of 33 cases of intracranial tumors diagnosed during the first year of life
N. Chivoret, G. Pech-Gourg, L. Haddi, A. Paz Paredes, D. Scavarda (France)

FP042 | Evolving trans-sphenoidal surgical management of paediatric craniopharyngiomas: a single surgeon's experience
S. Mukherjee, A. Sheikh, G. Sivakumar, J. Goodden, P. Chumas, A. Tyagi (United Kingdom)

FP043 | Pre-operative neutrophil lymphocyte count ratio (NLCR) in predicting the histological grade of pediatric glial tumors: a preliminary study
F. Saeed, J. Wilson, A. Tyagi, S. Gnanamurthy, J. Goodden, P. Chumas (United Kingdom)

FP044 | Pineal cysts: neurosurgical perspective
H. Jednačak, J. Nemir, J. Paladino, G. Mrak, S. Nanković, B. Bunoza, D. Ozretić (Croatia)

FP045 | The role of surgery in non-NF-associated pediatric optic pathway gliomas (OPG)
L.-N. Lohkamp, P. Manley, M.W. Kieran, N. Ullrich, L.C. Goumnerova (Germany & USA)


FP047 | Ten years review of posterior fossa cerebellar pilocytic astrocytoma in children
A. Szathmari, F. Di Rocco, P.-A. Beuriat, B. Grassiot, A. Jouvet, C. Mottolese (France)

FP048 | Pediatric infratentorial ganglioglioma: results of a series of 33 children and literature review
S. Puget, A. Alshehri, K. Beccaria, T. Blauwblomme, G. Paternoster, T. De Saint Denis, S. James, C. Dufour, F. Bourdeault, P. Varlet, C. Sainte-Rose, M. Zerah (France)

FP049 | True aqueductal tumors: a unique entity
J. Roth, K.L. Chaichana, G. Jallo, G. Mirone, G. Cinalli, S. Constantini (Israel, USA & Italy)

FP050 | Incidental brain tumors in children – Management options
M. Mandera, M. Zimny, D. Czachor (Poland)

FP051 | Thalamic tumors – Approach and surgical results
M. Smrčka (Czech Republic)

FP052 | Anti-tumor activity of amblyomin-X, a new tick Kunitz-type inhibitor, in pediatric anaplastic ependymoma
L. Pavon, T. Sibov, S. Toledo, R. Cabral, L. Marti, J. Malheiro, A. Tanus, S. Oliveira, N. da Silva, A. Capelano, A. Chudzinski, F. Paiva, S. Malheiros, M. Paiva-Neto, S. Cavalheiro (Brazil)

FP053 | Neurosurgical management of orbital lesions in children in a developing country
S. Bakhti, N. Tighilt, H. Kerrouche, N. Boumahdi, Y. Benmouma, M. Djennas (Algeria)

FP054 | Use of 5-ALA fluorescence to guide resection of cerebral neuroepithelial tumors in children
K. Sysoev, O. Don, A. Kim, C. Samochernyh, W. Khachatrian (Russia)

FP055 | Correlation of ADC map with histological grade in pediatric brain tumors
A. Moraiti, G. Papaioannou, S. Sgouros (Greece)

FP056 | The role of sex phenotype in pediatric CNS tumor incidence and survival
R. Mathew, J. Hayes, M. Kapetanstrataki, S. Fleming, R. Parslow, S. Picton, P. Chumas (United Kingdom)

FP057 | Surgery for intraventricular tumors in children
J.W.J. Bizzi, A. Bedin (Brazil)

FP058 | Meningeoma in children: report of 11 cases
J. Nemir, H. Jednačak, M. Jurin, D. Kolenc, K. Saša Duric, D. Ozretić, P. Miklić (Croatia)

FP059 | Spinal cord tumors in children: a review of 21 cases
I. Merlot, J. Francois, J.-C. Marchal, A. Joud, P. Chastagner, O. Klein (France)

FP060 | Spinal cord tumors in children and adolescents: diagnosis and treatment
G.A. Kevorkov, T.A. Malysheva (Ukraine)

Session 6: Neurovascular management

FP061 | Management of pneumococcal meningitis in infants associated to acute intracranial pressure
F. Di Rocco, B. Vanel, A. Szathmari, M. Berthon, P. Landzberg, E. Javouhey, C. Mottolese (France)

FP062 | Pediatrics brain arterio-venous malformations (AVM): presentation, treatment modalities and outcomes
A. Shtaya, O. Sparrow (United Kingdom)

FP063 | Considerations in decision-making in the management of pediatric AVMs
I. Jalloh, R. Trivedi, R. Kirollos (United Kingdom)

Session 7: Craniofacial surgery

FP064 | Antenatal diagnosis of craniosynostosis: the necessity of pluridisciplinary consultation for the correct counseling
F. Di Rocco, A. Szathmari, M. Rossi, C. Paulus, M.P. Cordier, L. Guibaud, C. Collet, C. Mottolese (France)

FP065 | Scaphocephaly in children over 1 year of age
F. Di Rocco, A. Szathmari, N. Pianton, C. Rousselle, I. Sabatier, C. Mottolese (France)

FP066 | Human foramen magnum area and posterior cranial fossa volume growth in relation to cranial base synchrondrosis closure in the course of child development
G. Coll, E. De Schlichting, F. Di Rocco, I. Barthelemy, J.M. Garcier, J.J. Lemaire, L. Sakka (France)

FP067 | Bicoronal synostosis: the role of fronto-orbital advancement
M. Vinchon, P. Guerreschi, A. Wolber, I. Stella, P. Dhellemmes, P. Pellerin (France)

FP068 | Evaluation of the quality of life in 25 patients operated on for unicoronal synostosis in two craniofacial surgery units (Toulouse and Lille)
B. Plas, S. Boetto, M. Vinchon, J. Saboye, J.C. Sol, F.E. Roux (France)

FP069 | Developmental attainment in metopic craniosynostosis
M. Bellew, P. Chumas (United Kingdom)

FP070 | A proposal for a new classification of complications in craniosynostosis surgery: the Leeds experience
D. Shastin, V. Guruswamy, D. Bonthron, M. Bellew, S. Peacock, V. Long, J. Goodden, I. Smith, L. Carter, J. Russell, M. Liddington, P. Chumas (United Kingdom)

FP071 | Craniofacial distraction osteogenesis with rigid distractors for the treatment of syndromic craniosynostosis: a long-term follow up in a single center
R. Santos de Oliveira, A. Ando, P. Barreiro Marques-Neto, M. Volpon Santos, F. Verissimo Melo-Filho, A.A. Velasco e Cruz, H.R. Machado (Brazil)

FP072 | Risk for Chiari 1 malformation in untreated sagittal synostosis
L.G. Valentini, V. Saletti, A. Erbetta, L. Chiapparini, M. Furlanetto, E. Beretta (Italy)

FP073 | Fronto-orbital remodeling in coronal synostosis treatment: review of a series investigating respective role of molecular diagnosis and surgery
V. Saletti, F. Di Pasquale, F. Mazzoleni, L. Chiapparini, L.G. Valentini (Italy)

FP074 | Differential expression of candidate genes for human language-readiness in non-syndromic sagittal synostosis suggests shared molecular networks in craniofacial dysmorphology and cognitive evolution
W. Lattanzi, D. Chieffo, L. Massimi, L. Di Pietro, I. Bernardini, M. Barba, M. Baranzini, C. Boeckx, M. Caldarelli, A. Benitez-Burraco, G. Tamburrini (Italy)

FP075 | Analysis of operation cases of fibrous dysplasia in children
T. Miwa, Y. Sakamoto, R. Tamura, M. Kono, K. Kishi, K. Yoshida (Japan)

FP076 | Role of mechanosensory proteins PC1/PC2 in suture formation and craniosynostosis
M.S. Themistocleous, M. Katsianou, C. Piperi, P. Korkolopoulou, A. Moraiti, G. Sfakianos, E. Basdra, A.G. Papavassiliou (Greece)

FP077 | Intra-operative dural tears impact in craniofacial procedures: analysis of 320 consecutive cases
S. Mohan Rao Kanangi, C. Duncan, D. Richardson, C. Parks, S. Burn, B. Robertson, A. Sinha (United Kingdom)


FP079 | Craniosynostosis – Sutures or plates?
F. Horn, M. Kabat, D. Dubravova, E. Stefankova, M. Petrik, P. Babal, M. Smrek (Slovak Republic)

FP080 | Craniosynostosis – Techniques and outcome
D. Srinivas, G. Rao, D. Shukla, S. Sampath (India)

FP081 | Late approach for non-syndromic craniosynostosis – Analysis of pitfalls and complications
A. Canheu, M. Lehmann, A. Dias Marcos, L. Koury, H. Galles Marcos, R. Parente Neto, T. Monte Raso, L. Penzo, F. Da Silva, P.H. Pires De Aguiar (Brazil)

FP082 | Safety of cranial vault remodeling in children with non-syndromic craniosynostosis – Single institution experience
P. Vacek, D. Štěpánek, V. Přibáň (Czech Republic)

Session 8: Intraoperative neuromonitoring

FP083 | Clinical, imaging and immunhistochemical characteristics of focal cortical dysplasia type II extra-temporal epilepsies in children: analyses of an institutional case series
F. Knerlich-Lukoschus, M.B. Connolly, G. Hendson, P. Steinbok, C. Dunham (Germany & Canada)


FP085 | Long-term evaluation of intra-operative neuromonitoring (IONM)-assisted tethered cord surgery. A retrospective longitudinal observational study
S.E. Dulfer, G. Drost, R.J.M. Groen, E.W. Hoving (the Netherlands)

FP086 | Pediatric intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring in posterior fossa surgery
F. Randi, A. Carai, G. Amante, S. Cossu, A. De Benedictis, R. Messina, A. Savioli, A. Mastronuzzi, C. Efisio Marras (Italy)

FP087 | Epilepsy surgery in benign tumors in children
M. Tichý, J. Dvořák, P. Kršek, J. Zámečník, V. Komárek, M. Kynčl, P. Libý (Czech Republic)

FP088 | Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring for the resection of brain tumors in pediatric patients: tips and tricks
F. Sala, A. Coppola, V. Tramontano, M. Babini, G. Pinna (Italy)

FP089 | Intraoperative neuromonitoring in children with lumbosacral myelomeningocele
Y. Izci, C. Kural, Ö. Tehli (Turkey)

Session 9: Hydrocephalus

FP090 | Surgery for intracranial arachnoid cysts in children – A prospective long-term study
K. Rabiei, M. Högfeldt, D.-M. Roberto, T. Magnus (Sweden)

FP091 | Long-term mortality rates in shunted hydrocephalic patients
M. Gmeiner, H. Wagner, C. Zacherl, C. Auer, W.J.R. van Ouwerkerk, K. Holl (Austria & the Netherlands)

FP092 | 30 day return to OR after VP shunt operation: a quality measure?
M. Handler, S. Graber, C. Palmer, T. Hankinson, B. O'Neill, C.C. Wilkinson, D. Hyman (USA)

FP093 | Perinatal diagnosis of Dandy Walker malformation: treatment and outcome
J. Ulrich, S. Ndoro, J. Caird, D. Crimmins (Ireland)

FP094 | Survival of gravitational versus traditional non-gravitational valves after primary ventriculoperitoneal shunt insertion in children: a retrospective cohort study
T. Grainger, J. O'Connor, G. James (United Kingdom)

FP095 | The individuality of intracranial arachnoid cysts in children – A single institute analysis
E. Januschek, A. Röhrig, S. Kunze, M. Messing-Jünger (Germany)

FP096 | Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of pediatric intraventricular endoscopy
A.L. Bowes, J. King-Robson, W. Dawes, G. James, K. Aquilina (United Kingdom)

FP097 | Is there any correlation between static and pulsatile intracranial pressure parameters and intracranial volumes in children and adolescents with Chiari malformation type I?
R. Fric, P.K. Eide (Norway)

FP098 | Ventriculo-subgaleal shunt using an antibiotic-impregnated catheter: a retrospective analysis of our institutional experience
P. Frassanito, G. Tamburrini, L. Massimi, S. Peraio, R. Di Bonaventura, M. Caldarelli (Italy)

FP099 | Endoscopic management of suprasellar arachnoid cyst with associated ventriculomegaly
J.M.F. Salomão, A.R. Bellas, T. Protzenko Cervante, F. Abreu (Brazil)

FP100 | Cerebrospinal fluid drainage options for posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus in premature neonates
J.R. Tude Melo, R.K. Passos, M.L.C. Mendes de Carvalho (Brazil)

FP101 | Combined endoscopic third ventriculostomy and choroid plexus coagulation in pediatric hydrocephalus
R. Mijalcic, W. Azab (Kuwait)

FP102 | Fetal ventriculomegaly: what does it mean?
P. Barrio Fernández, J. Pérez Suárez, B. Puerto Navarro, D. Santamarta Gómez (Spain)

FP103 | Treatment of posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus in preterm neonates using ventricular drain reservoirs: safety and effectiveness
M. Geerlings, K. Liem, E. van Lindert (the Netherlands)

FP104 | Radiological and neurological response rates in aqueductal stenosis hydrocephalus treatment
M. Preuß, S. Schob, U. Nestler, A. Merkenschlager (Germany)

FP105 | Endoscopic treatment of quadrigeminal cistern arachnoid cysts
B. Oton-De Lima, M. Ferreira Marcelino (Brazil)

FP106 | Ventricle-sinus transversostomy in treatment of hydrocephalus
K. Sysoev, V. Ivanov, A. Kim, C. Samochernyh, W. Khachatrian (Russia)

FP107 | Intraoperative ultrasound guidance for shunt placement in hydrocephalus
M. Kullmann (Germany)

FP108 | Endoscopic third ventriculostomy using 2-micron laser: single centre experience in 73 pediatric patients
C. Kural, L. Lalla, A. Dimostheni, M. Kullmann, F. Ebner, M.U. Schuhmann (Turkey & Germany)

FP109 | Treatment of hydrocephalus in fourth ventricle tumors: our experience in a series of 171 patients and review of the literature
P. Peretta, P. Ragazzi, P. Gaglini, C. Carlino, M. Cacciacarne, V. Pennacchietti (Italy)

FP110 | Neonatal reservoir in the treatment of pediatric hydrocephalus – 10 years study
D. Dúbravová, E. Štefánková, M. Petrík, M. Smrek, J. Trnka, F. Horn (Slovak Republic)

FP111 | Neuroendoscopic foraminoplasty for the treatment of unilateral hydrocephalus
M. Petrik, M.M. Özek (Turkey)

FP112 | Functioning of children with hydrocephalus and their families
L. Szefczyk-Polowczyk, M. Mandera (Poland)