Preliminary Programme


List of speakers and titles of their presentation in alphabetical order.

The association between oral health and nutrition in older people
Prof. Vassiliki Anastassiadou (Greece)

Mouth Care Matters – Improving the oral health of patients in hospitals in England
Dr. Mili Doshi (United Kingdom)

Treatment planning for the frail older adults in the age of COVID-19
Prof. Ronald Ettinger (United States)

Facilitating effective decision making in dental care for people living with dementia
Dr. Andrew Geddis-Regan (United Kingdom)

Virtual Visits: Teledentistry for older adults
Dr. Jennifer E. Hartshorn (United States)

Material research regarding root caries in older adults
Dr. Masanao Inokoshi (Japan)

Oral healthcare delivery in nursing homes: turning aversion into pleasure
Dr. Barbara Janssens (Belgium)

Dental home care for frail older adults
Dr. Laura Kaufman (United States)

Influence of lack of occlusion on cognitive decline among older Japanese
Prof. Dr. Kazunori Ikebe (Japan)

Functionally orientated tooth replacement for older adults
Dr. Gerry McKenna (United Kingdom)

Theory in dental geriatrics
Prof. Michel I. MacEntee (Canada)

Guidelines for older patients with diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease
Prof. Phoebus Madianos (Greece)

Adaptation of complete dentures fabrication techniques in frail older adults
Prof. Frauke Müller (Switzerland)

Geriatric Oral Health: A wicked problem. Looking beyond the social determinants
Prof. Linda Slack-Smith (Australia)

Dental implants for the older edentates
Prof. Murali Srinivasan (Switzerland)

Diet and longevity
Prof. Antonia Trichopoulou (Greece)

Oral health and inequalities in ageing societies: a public health perspective
Prof. Georgios Tsakos (United Kingdom)

Health starts in the mouth
Dr. Tim Übermuth (Germany)

How can oral care in older people be delivered?
Dr. Inger Wårdh (Sweden)

Infrastructural issues in oral health care for older adults: Perspectives from the little red dot!
Dr. Andrian Yap (Singapore)

Medical risk assessment for hospital referral of geriatric dental patients
Dr. Flora Zervou-Valvi (Greece)