TellBio is a development stage biotechnology company focused on revolutionizing the detection and treatment of cancer through its unique and proprietary circulating tumor cells (CTCs) technology, TellDx, and complementary therapeutic platform, TellRx. TellBio’s vision is to free patients and their families from the tyranny of cancer.

TellDx, the already fully functional diagnostic solution, detects and isolates live CTCs from patient liquid biopsies. The TellDx platform has been developed and optimized following a decade of R&D. TellRx is the therapeutics platform that generates novel anti-cancer medicines by specifically characterizing and targeting CTCs. The synergy of these platforms offers TellBio a unique opportunity to detect CTCs via its microfluidic diagnostic platform and target CTCs with novel therapeutics to improve outcomes of patients with cancer.

The foundation of the Company’s approach, detection of and targeting CTCs is based on academic and clinical research generated by the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.