Labyrinth Biotech



Labyrinth Biotech focuses on exploring the clinical utilities of liquid biopsy using microfluidic technologies to efficiently capture and analyze circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Labyrinth ® chip was developed in Nagrath Laboratory at the University of Michigan (UM). It is a label-free microfluidic device to isolate circulating tumor cells (CTCs) demonstrated a clinical sensitivity of 90%. Labyrinth related journal articles were published in Nature Communications, Cancers, Cell Systems, etc.

We are building a comprehensive CTC platform to offer research institute and cancer patients a precise and affordable diagnosis in early risk assessment, screening, treatment, and prognosis. We aim to not only offer products and services, but also create industrial standards in precision medicine through the accumulation of clinical data.

Michigan Office (US): 1600 Huron Pkwy, 2nd Floor, MI 48104-2800 US
Suzhou Office (China): 505 Building A7, 218 Xinghu St. Bio-nano Park, SIP, Jiangsu