Welcome Letter

Psychological Trauma: Global burden on mental and physical health

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is with great pleasure that we wish to invite you to the WPA 2020 Thematic Congress on intersectional collaboration “Psychological Trauma: Global burden on mental and physical health”, which will take place on 11-13 December 2020 in the exciting and cultural city of Athens, Greece.

This meeting will be WPA’s first Thematic Congress during 2020-23 term. It will be a first in three major aspects: Firstly, it aims at bringing together both the psychiatric and the somatic medicine community. Secondly, it will be conceptualized as an intersectional meeting as WPA’s scientific Sections will jointly work towards a truly interdisciplinary program cutting across diagnostic entities, methodological approaches, and treatment strategies. Thirdly, it will not only be a meeting of professionals but also a forum bringing true trialogue to the center stage as we will make this meeting a forum where the voices of patients, of highly traumatized fellow human beings and their families will be heard.

With the theme Psychological trauma: Global burden on mental and physical health, this meeting will build on the experiences of WPA’s 2017- 2020 Action Plan and will be at the forefront of science as psychological traumas are now clearly established by several worldwide studies as the single avoidable group of contributors to the occurrence of mental health disorders.

Your active participation will undoubtedly contribute to a successful and productive WPA congress.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Athens!

With warm regards,

 Dr. Afzal Javed
President Elect WPA
President of the Congress
 Prof. Helen Herrman
WPA President
 Prof. Thomas G. Schulze
WPA Secretary for Scientific Sections
Chair of the Scientific Committee
Prof. Dimitrios Ploumpidis
President Hellenic Psychiatric Association
Chair of the Organizing Committee 
 Prof. George Christodoulou
Honorary President of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association
Co-President of the Congress