The ELMO Certificate

The European Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine: Health and Fitness Lifestyle Advisor

After a first very successful session in 2020, the second extended online course of 2020 is currently underway, and will take place every Monday and Thursday from 19:00 to 21:00 until 18th of July 2020.

We are pleased to inform you that following the overwhelming response to these courses, ELMO in collaboration with BELMO, will also host a 3rd online course package within the year of 2020!

About the ELMO Certificate
In a world where everyone thinks to know everything about healthy lifestyle, the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO), together with the Belgian Lifestyle Medicine Organization (BELMO), offer an evidence-based eight weeks online program with the support of the European lifestyle medicine representatives. The online course is developed and coordinated by the Scientific Director of the European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate and the Education Coordinator of the “European Lifestyle Medicine Organization”, Dr. Ioan Hanes, Belgium

The ELMO certificate is addressed to medical professionals and eventually to those interested in a healthy lifestyle, who would like to develop and monitor a healthy lifestyle trajectory for their patients and themselves. The exam will certify that graduated students master the lifestyle medicine principles and apply them in their practice.

The second round of courses of 2020 is set to start on the 25th of May 2020 at 19:00 (CET- Brussels Time) and it will contain 20 hours online sessions (course and self-development session).

Participation Details
Participants will receive an invitation to join an online platform before each online meeting. To participate in the sessions, they are requested to have a laptop or desktop computer, internet connection, basic software (office tools, webs browser, media player, adobe reader) speakers or headphones.

The final exam in the form of printed questionnaire and discussion, will take place three times per year, in Brussels, Geneva and Athens with the participation of the Evaluation Committee which ELMO President, Dr. Stefania Ubaldi, will chair. Those interested to obtain the certificate will have to participate in minimum 75% of the online training and to fulfill all the practical assessments.

Interested parties are asked to note that there is no possibility to only audit the course. The European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate has an important practical part which is mandatory together with the 75% of the presence required in the theoretical part of the course. Refusing to submit the practical assignments during the course could lead to the exclusion from the course, without a financial reimbursement. The registration in the course means you accept these conditions.

Participants will not need further documentation other than their presence during the online sessions.

Take the chance to be a graduate of the first and unique scientific European certificate in lifestyle medicine!


Cancelation Policy
For cancelations up until one week before the certificate courses begin, a 15% administrative fee will be charged.
For cancelations after the course has started, no refund will be granted.

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