Young Seismologist Training Course (YSTC) Programme

Historical Earthquake Data in Seismology Practice
Corfu, Greece

Christa Hammerl (ZAMG, Vienna), Andrea Rovida (INGV, Milano), coordinators of the ESC Working Group “Archive of historical earthquake data for the European-Mediterranean area"; Paola Albini (INGV, Milano), co-coordinator of the IASPEI Working Group “Historical Seismology”

Day 1

  • Opening and Welcome from the LOC and the Coordinators of the YSTC
  • Data and Research Methods in Historical Seismology, today
- Data Collection in written documents
- Observation points
- Validation of primary observations
- Historical Tsunamis in a Global Perspective

Lecturers: P. Albini, Ch. Hammerl, K. Satake

Tutorials/hands-on activity:
- Case histories

Day 2

  • From Written Records to Intensity Data to Earthquake Parameters
- Macroseismic scales, theory and practice on pre-instrumental earthquakes
- From observation to intensity data, including uncertainty
- From intensity data to earthquake parameters, including uncertainty

Lecturers: P. Albini, Ch. Hammerl, A. Rovida

Tutorials/hands-on activity:
- Case histories (e.g. assigning intensity in EMS98, …)

Day 3

  • Background and Backstage of International Historical Earthquake Research
Lectures (only)
- Mission and organization of the European Seismological Commission
- History and legacy of national and international seismological associations in the pre-instrumental period
- The role of the ESC Working Group “Historical Seismology” in building cross-border historical earthquake research in Europe

Lecturers: P. Mäntyniemi, Ch. Hammerl, I. Cecic

  • Corfu in History: A walking tour

Day 4

  • Storing and Rendering the Pre-Instrumental Earthquake Data in Databases and Catalogues
- Arrange and classify earthquake data according to their characteristics and background
- Earthquake parameters in a catalog format
- Different ways of data rendering: intensity maps, shake maps, and so on

Lecturers: P. Albini, A. Rovida, M. Locati

Tutorials/hands-on activity
- Access and guided tour of national and European and global databases and catalogues

Day 5

  • Historical and Pre-instrumental Earthquake Data in Seismology Practice
Lectures (only)
- Historical Earthquake Data and Citizen Science: The Japanese experience
- Old seismic bulletins to 1920: a collective heritage
- Historical and Pre-instrumental Earthquake Data as ingredients of Seismic Hazard Assessment
- Data completeness
- Site specific seismic hazard

Lecturers: A. Rovida, D. Albarello, J. Schweitzer, Y. Kano

Closing of the Course: Open Discussion, Take-home Messages
All the lecturers and the participants