The Course

The quality and advantages of Prostate MRI have re-defined prostate diagnostic practice in recent years. Recent publications of PROMIS, PRECISION and the Hansen BJUi papers strongly advocate the use of mpMRI for lesion detection and biopsy avoidance in the diagnostic pathway.

This established international workshop has traditionally addressed the approach to learning the skills required for this new diagnostic tool and its application in a multidisciplinary environment involving Radiologists, Urologists, Oncologists and Pathologists. Modules for beginners and advanced readers are provided.

The Cambridge Course has been greeted with unanimous applause not only as the original 2-day annual course since 2013 but also in short course format and seminars at ECRs, Focal Therapy Symposia and the SIU conferences.

Each course applies for CME accreditation (EACCME®) as well as MedTech compliance. Further information regarding the accreditation and compliance of each course can be found on their individual microsites.

Course & Workshop Format

Validated course package on various workstations
Lectures, practical cases and discussion