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On-demand video library will be available during the dates:
DAY 1 │ Monday, 24 May 2021
DAY 2 │ Tuesday, 25 May 2021
DAY 3 │ Wednesday, 26 May 2021
DAY 4 │ Thursday, 27 May 2021
and includes the following topics and lectures

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CEREBRAL HEMISPHERIC TUMORS: General Surgical Management

Luisa Chiapparini: Preoperative radiological evaluation in hemispheric tumors. What the radiologist can anticipate

Marek Mandera: From skin to dura; Principles of skin, bone and dura opening

Paul Chumas: Parenchymal step: Tricks and tips of parenchymal manipulation, coagulation, dissection

Alexandru Szathmari: Sleep-Awake-Sleep surgery in children: Indications, limits, pitfalls

Francesco Sala: Adjuvant intraoperative techniques: cortical stimulation, mapping

Conor Mallucci: Adjuvant intraoperative techniques Intraoperative imaging

Martin U. Schuhmann: Place of stereotactic biopsy in hemispheric lesions: When and why

Thomas Roujeau: Stereotactic biopsy in hemispheric lesions How I do it
Gregory James: Stereotactic radiosurgery - Gamma Knife for tumours in children.

Sergey Gorelyshev: Management of large hemispheric tumors in infants; Tricks and tips, complications avoidance-

Luca Massimi: Specificities of cerebral hemispheric tumors in the first year of age

Paul Chumas: Management of Lateral Ventricle tumors; Specificities of tumors of the lateral ventricles

Gianpiero Tamburrini: Endoscopic approach to intraventricular tumors; Technique and complication avoidance

Veronica Saletti: Brain tumors predisposition syndromes in children

Elisabetta Schiavello: The oncological point of view on hemispheric tumors. What role of molecular biology, targeted therapy, etc

Spyros Sgouros: Surgical anatomy of the thalamus: What a pediatric neurosurgeon should know on the thalamus<

Ulrich W. Thomale: Thalamic and insular tumors: Specificities of tumors of the thalamus (oncotypes, management, complications)

Sergey Gorelyshev: Surgical anatomy and approaches to the thalamus and insula; what a pediatric neurosurgeon should know on the insula surgical technique step by step, complications and their avoidance


Andrea Righini: Classification and radiology of pineal region lesions; What the surgeon needs to know. Differential diagnosis, radiological recognition

Sergey Gorelyshev: Pineal region lesions in children; Strategies, management, surgical decision-making algorithms, long-term results

Matthieu Vinchon: Endoscopy & pineal region lesion (hydrocephalus, biopsies, resection); Pitfalls and management

Sergey Gorelyshev: Approaches to the IIIrd ventricle A critical analysis of pros and cons of the different approaches. How to choose

Spyros Sgouros: Interhemispheric approach to the posterior aspect pf the III v How I do it: Indications and detailed technique

Alexandru Szathmari: Transtentorial approach - How I do it: Indications and detailed technique

Martina Messing-Jünger: Supracerebellar infratentorial approach; How I do it: Indications and detailed technique

Bianca Pollo: Pathology of pineal region lesions; What the surgeon needs to know

Veronica Biassoni: Management of germ cell tumors and non germinomatous pineal tumors. Decision making algorithms and results

Federico Di Rocco: Management of tectal plate tumors: decision-making algorithms


Francesco Sala: Management of intracranial abscess - Epidemiology, diagnosis, indications and treatment

Radek Frič: Management of intracranial empyemas in children (non-infants); Epidemiology, diagnosis, indications and treatment

Martin U. Schuhmann: Intracranial infections in infants; Epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment and postmeningitic pericerebral effusion. When to monitor, when to treat? Specifities of infants

Marie Lise van Veelen: Post-operative infections: Epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment

Sandip Chatterjee: TBC and neurosurgery

Helio Rubens Machado: Cysticercosis and other parasitic infections. Epidemiology, differential diagnosis and treatment

Jose Hinojosa: Spine and spinal cord infections (spondylodiscitis, diagnosis, management)

Laura-Grazia Valentini: How can we prevent infections in Neurosurgery


Marc Sindou: Why and what a pediatric neurosurgeon needs to know about spasticity; definitions, principles and algorithms, surgical candidates, patients’ selection

Thomas Roujeau: Basics of neurological assessment and non-surgical treatment; how to examine a spastic child from the neurologist point of view, indication algorithms and what alternatives to neurosurgical techniques

Gianpiero Tamburrini: Basics of neurological assessment and surgical treatment; how to examine a spastic child from a neurosurgical point of view-spasticity for dummies

Marc Sindou: Rhizotomy, technique, results and complications; Indications and detailed technique, tricks and tips Expected results, complications avoidance

Thomas Roujeau: Neurotomies, technique, results and complications; Indications and detailed technique, tricks and tips, expected results, complications avoidance

Nardo Nardocci: Movement disorders; How to examine movement disorders in a child from the neurologist point of view, indication algorithms

Giovanna Zorzi: Dystonia and DBS - Principles and patient’s selection; Neurologist point of view

Angelo Franzini: Principles and patient’s selection; Neurosurgeon point of view


Michael Handler: Principles of epilepsy surgery in children; indications, patients’ selection, timing, decision’s making algorithms

Ludovico D'Incerti: Radiological investigations in children; what to ask the radiologist

Elena Freri: Neurological investigations in children epilepsy

Marco De Curtis: Epilepsy in children and pathology: pathological substratum of epilepsy and animal models

Sandrine de Ribaupierre: Perioperative investigations; intraoperative monitoring, stereo EEG, and brain stimulation. When and why, which results?

Gianpiero Tamburrini: Pediatric DNT, FCD diagnosis and management

Helio Rubens Machado: Disconnective surgery in children; hemispherotomies, (and partial ones) hemispherectomies, subpial transection, principles and surgical technique, complications and their avoidance

Matthieu Vinchon: Pediatric hypothalamic hamartomas - diagnosis and management

Pavlo Plavskyi: Pediatric cerebral cavernomas: clinical management and treatment

Martin U. Schuhmann: Sturge Weber: pathological substratum, diagnosis and management

Wan Tew Seow: Tuberous Sclerosis: Pathological substratum, diagnosis and management

Gianpiero Tamburrini: SEGA - medical and surgical indications, results, decision-making algorithm

Martina Messing-Jünger: Temporal lobe epilepsy: the condition (definition, epidemiology, diagnosis, patients’ selection)